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  1. Recently Turned 56. Regards
  2. Mosquito

    Thanks for those links, I just love the Mossie as well. I have the commercial Mossie expansions for CFS2 & 3, and these are reasonably good, but the missions are quiet hard. Regards MarkL
  3. Beneath Hill 60

    Just read a review, I will try to see this one. Thanks for the heads up. MarkL
  4. I am looking a possible NVidiw 660 TI 2 gig ram for Christmas. If you have a modest monitor 21 or 22 inch you really do not need a mega card as most PC games are optimised for consoles these days. This lowers the standard for PC users but does make it cheaper for the graphics cards. I play Skyrim a bit with mods and the mods give me problems with a 1 gig of memory graphics card. According to Atomic Magazine I get 2 gig of memory is best if you want to run high res texture mods for Skyrim and other games. Maybe the devs wil let us know what card they are using currently as no one gives game specs before pending release. Cheers MarkL
  5. I must admit I am of the older set as well, and I hate steam for what it represents, a control over the future of what games I maybe able to play. You will never know when activation will stop or no longer be available. Unfortunately this is always an emotional subject for all concerned, me included. I used to spend about $1000.00 on games per year. I now only spend $200.00 at most. Mainly through GoG.com. I expect my license to use the game to be up to me not an external body. One thing I hate obout stem is when something goes wrong you loose your whole account. One of our friends had a school child who was caught cheating online so the account was suspended. Unforunately the whole family had the same account so all lost thier acount and games. Last I heard after months it was not sorted, not possible no real support. For me I will never buy another game that need any sort of online activation. Stick with gog.com from now on and Matrix Games. The claim that they are a service is rubbish it is all about copy protection. If it was a service it would be like gog.com. Matrix Games just used serials and from what I have heard it is very good for copy protection. With a blacklisted serial you can never get patches and all their games needs lots of them. I must appologise for my post here as it is far too strong against steam, but unfortunately I have my reasons and will stick with them. If for some reason the next version of OFF needed activation I would not get it either. Hopefully that will never happen. I doubt this subject will ever be solved one way or the other. The only thing we can do is vote with our wallet which ever way we feel. For me I only buy through Matrix Games and Gog.com now. Anyway cheers for the topic as it gives us oldies a chance to bag steam. Regards MarkL
  6. It does not suprise me that Microsoft Flight is being cancelled, a very poor offering after Flight Simulator. But I do feel for any staff being retrenched, as it very hard to keep a good job these days. I wish them all well. Regards.
  7. Well if it does come to that remember that from the Ubisoft DVD you only have to copy to version for what ever language you want. No need to copy the whole thing. Just wish they had updated it to 3.1a instead of 3.1. I am hopeing Gog.com eventually lists CFS2 & 3, they already have IL2 1946 for USD10.00 completely protection free. Regards Markl
  8. A very nice find, downloaded a few to print. Cheers Markl
  9. Thanks for all the work your putting here, really appreciated. Regards MarkL
  10. My second PC is nearly the same P4 3.0 but a 7900 GS AGP graphics card, so my card is a little better from what I can tell. You should be good to go, just start with the sliders on 2 or 3, not 4 / 5. My newer PC a dual core 3.1 gig with ATI 6870 only just runs it better. Possibly because of the DDR3 memory. I think the developers have stated it is CPU bound and if that is the case most modern CPU's are not much faster then yours, but other system components seem to help as well. FSX is the same unless you overclock modern PC's are only just better than an up to date P4. Cheers MarkL
  11. OT Skyrim fans

    Thanks for the tips, I will give it a go. Regards MarkL
  12. OT Skyrim fans

    This week I had to stop playing Skyrim. I became a vampire and ignored it thinking so what. Now every time I go outside every one attacks me. Since I have recently won some hard dragon battles I do not want to load a previous save to get out of my trouble. I have managed to get back to my house Breezehome, but I can not go outside. I seem to be spotted even in the night. Is there some sort of cheat I can use to get rid of vampirism? I will resort to anything to be rid of it, preferably not become warewolf. Cheers MarkL
  13. I would have to agree about the asking for money. They would get my purchase right away if they removed the activation and used a serial like "Matrix Games" for protection. IE use a abnned serial and no more patches or addons can be installed. Seems to work for Matrix Games. As for the Sea Planes, I must be the odd one out I love them, especially Aerosoft's Cat for FSX. If you could bomb with it and land on the water it would be good as I do not know of a cambat sim that can do that yet. Are they adding sea bases as well or something? But I must admit due to the activation I am not even interested in their free limited version, or reading about what they are going to release. I can always find out here. Regards Markl
  14. Promotion Idea

    Regarding the previous comment about PC Pilot. PC Pilot has always been a bit biased towards commercial packages. I remember when one of their people used to write for PC Aviator Magazine as well. He never mentioned any of the problems people were having with Cliffs of Dover or RoF when they first came out. Most other magazines used to mention problems with online activation, slow FPS etc, but one never hears any negative comments in PC Pilot. I eventually stopped buying the magazine out of protest. They have some very good articles but go too far to being a commercial advertising magazine for my liking. I could not trust any of their reviews. But other than that it is a good magazine. I think one of the best things OFF has going for it is that it does not need any sort of activation. You would think that should attract a few RoF prospective buyers. From looking at GoG.com and The Witcher 2 sales figures the DRM free model is proving very popular. I must admit if it were not for the activation I probably would look at Rof out of interest. But as it stands I did not even take up the free limited version awhile ago as it still needed activation. Cheers MarkL
  15. OT: Thanks, Widowmaker!

    Could you point me to what you used, I may give it a go as well. FSX is hard to get running smoothly. Cheers MarkL

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