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  1. That is just plain beautiful. I can't wait to give this one a try over the Euro Terrain!!
  2. Shoot, I can remember not too long ago that the 109 would lauch from the runway like a rocket - trust me, its alot better now. There are going to be some minor FM changes coming for the 109 in the "Final" 1.2 version that should correct any remaining issues. This "patch" is due sometime in the next few weks. I won't say its going to correct everything, but it will make some things better. As for the Brewster - it was a wallowing pig in real life - and one of the main reasons why they were sold abroad to foreign air forces. We didn't want them; after all, we had the Curtis Hawk's, P-40's, the P-39's. You won't find too many USAAF units that actually flew the thing. It was however a design that later brought the Navy aircraft like the Wilcat and Dauntless, and other similar aircraft that had mid-wing and fuselage-retractable gear.
  3. Patch

    Actually, I'm using this time as a catch-up to all the rest of you who had SFP1 long before I even knew it existed. Patch 1 resolved a lot of problems - mind you not all - and its acceptable enough for me right now knowing that at some time in the future other issues abre being addressed. When I'm not flying IL2 or Flanker, I spend most of my time digging into the guts of SFP1. I think its fascinating that we are allowed such open access to the internals of the game - everyday I mess with it I learn something knew - whether I'm flying it or not - the entertainment value IS there.
  4. Copy the desert.cat file into the EAWEuro folder and rename it to EAWEuro.cat. The installer didn't do the copy ....
  5. I'm extremely impressed! I'm not seeing runways.........issue? Edit: Not anymore. Installer didn't do the xcopy for the desert.cat file. Corrected. but, there might be a problem as illustrated below..... Dance of the Lemmings..... This C130 is going to have a tough time taxiing.....
  6. Drive In

    .....No movie tonite guys......
  7. Excellent video....lost my spatial orientation when you dropped into the muck for a moment.... I was wondering why I could still hear the thunder and crack of lighting in the external shots above the cloud tops.....seems to me that it would be pretty quiet up there....
  8. I have it. Wouldn't fly without it. But OMG - I got to have that hat!! No more spots! P.S. From TrackIR site:
  9. That was fantastic!!! Deuces you have outdone yourself!! Now, where can we get the files??? Fess up!
  10. I keep three installs... 1 - for multiply (LOL!, 2 - modded that works and 3 - one that I test mods on. If the mod works and everything is ok, (and I got it right) then I move the mod to the modded version. Try it....you'll like it.
  11. Try this http://www.simhq.com/_air/air_055a.html
  12. Thanks for the intel update.... Yes, I was looking to see if a WW option was going to be available. "Ironhand is my thing, see,,,,," Flight of the Intruder
  13. Could you check your beta copy and see if the AGM-88 is available as a loadout option. Thanks.....
  14. Well, I'll just bet that wore the skins off a few wheels. Given that the Me-262 was originally designed as a tail-dragger, why would the German Engineers and Designers go to all the trouble to convert the aircraft to a tricycle setup, and then not make it steerable??? Somethings not right with this....These engineers and designers were the very best at what they did. I'm sure they designed the gear with steering. I'm going to have to investigate this some more...........

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