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  1. it's okay I just didn't want anyone to have trouble with the file with the old game. I need to grab me SF-2 and try the new pit!
  2. Before you 'roll your eyes' I would appreciate it if you actually read my post rather than have a knee-jerk reaction. I applied your fix already and read the thread...thank you. This wasn't the problem. this was in the MiG-15bis_COCKPIT.ini...and I already fixed it for me...but it was in the download: ModelName=MeteorF8_cockpit <---? I changed this to A-4B_Cockpit and it worked again...not sure why it would change like that
  3. I tried this today and the MiG-15 cockpit would not work. than I checked the .ini and saw this: [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=MeteorF8_cockpit <---? I changed this to A-4B_Cockpit and it worked again...not sure why it would change like that Offset=0.0,-0.08,-0.03 Position=0.0,0.55, 0.7 ViewAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 MaxYaw=155 MinYaw=-155 MaxPitch=90 MinPitchFront=-50 MinPitchRear=-20 LightRange=1.5 LightInnerConeAngle=43 LightOuterConeAngle=60 LightAngles=0.0,-35.0,0.0 DiffuseLightFactor=0.5 NightLightOn=0.25 NightLightColor=0.5,0.2,0.3 Gunsight=GunsightFront Instrument[001]=AirspeedIndicator Instrument[002]=Accelerometer Instrument[003]=RangeCounter Instrument[004]=Altimeter Instrument[005]=AtitudeIndicator Instrument[006]=VerticalVelocityIndicator Instrument[007]=HSIWheel Instrument[008]=CourseArrow Instrument[009]=BearingMarker Instrument[010]=TotalFuelGauge Instrument[011]=Slipball Instrument[012]=TurnIndicator Instrument[013]=Tachometer Instrument[014]=ClockMinute Instrument[015]=ClockHour Instrument[016]=FireLight Instrument[017]=Reflection1 Instrument[018]=Reflection2 Instrument[019]=Mirror1 Instrument[020]=Mirror2 Instrument[021]=AoAIndexerSlow Instrument[022]=AoAIndexerOnSpeed Instrument[023]=AoAIndexerFast Instrument[024]=Compass Instrument[025]=MAGNETIC_COMPASS Instrument[026]=MachScale Instrument[027]=ClockSec Instrument[028]=ExhaustTemp Instrument[029]=ClimbDiveIndHoriz remInstrument[030]=ClimbDiveIndVert Instrument[030]=MoveLabsKnob Instrument[031]=MoveFrame remInstrument[033]=MoveCompassNeedle remInstrument[034]=MoveCompass Instrument[032]=MoveFIREWARNINGLIGHT remInstrument[036]=MoveSlipball remInstrument[037]=MoveTurnIndicator remInstrument[038]=MoveClimbDiveIndHoriz remInstrument[039]=MoveTachometer remInstrument[040]=MoveExhaustTemp rem Instrument[039]=MoveExhaustTempKnob rem Instrument[042]=MoveneedleRPMKnob Instrument[033]=MoveRangeCounter Instrument[034]=Movemirror1 Instrument[035]=Movemirror2 Instrument[036]=MovemirrorFrame3 Instrument[037]=MovemirrorFrame4 Instrument[038]=RotateADI Instrument[039]=RotateADI_watermark Instrument[040]=MoveClockSec Instrument[041]=MoveClockMinute Instrument[042]=MoveClockHour Instrument[043]=MoveFIREWARNINGLIGHT Instrument[044]=MoveClimbDiveIndHoriz Instrument[045]=MoveClimbDiveIndVert Instrument[046]=MoveCompassNeedle Instrument[047]=MoveCompass Instrument[048]=MoveClock Instrument[049]=MoveClockKnob Instrument[050]=MoveExhaustTemp Instrument[051]=MoveAoAIndexerSlow Instrument[052]=MoveAoAIndexerOnSpeed Instrument[053]=MoveAoAIndexerFast

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