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  1. Just to hold my hand up... I numbered one of the entries at [99] when it should have been [099]. Oops. Mue's shimmering fix also sorted the flickering. Happy days!
  2. Thanks for replying. I don't know what I was doing wrong. I did exactly what I had done before only this time it worked! Feel a bit of a numpty! Now I'm trying to solve the flickering runways but can see that there are a couple of posts about this already so will take a look.
  3. Please help - can someone clarify how to install this exactly? I've followed the Readme to the letter (I think) but I just have an empty green field where the airbase should be. I've copied the files into my VietnamSEA folder in Terrains as instructed and I've copied and renumbered the entries in the .ini files also (the Korat target area is still 094 as I'm just replacing the old Korat but I'm renumbering the TargetTypes as they appear in the list). Is it something to do with read-only settings on the .ini? I've tried fiddling with this but to no avail. Thanks in advance! :-)
  4. I'm using the TMF Phantom F-4K below. The zip file is a bit of a mess so needed tidying up and it's also necessary to make a couple of tweeks to get the various versions to work (explained in the comments section) but I don't know what's going on with the loadouts. Can't seem to get AIM-9s to appear. It's a shame as they're nice looking Phantoms but not very deadly at the moment!
  5. Ammendment/addition to my previous post. The loadout.ini shows AIM-9s for certain configurations but the AIM-9 does not appear in the available weapons list in the loadout screen. I do have the weapon in my weapons folder as it is used by other aircraft.
  6. Hi guys, Please can someone tell me how to change the year when weapons become available. I'm using a Mirage Factory Phantom on SF2 NA and it seems that some Sparrows only appear after 1974 and AIM-9s don't appear at all. They are listed in the Loadout.ini and are listed in the available weapons so I think it's something to do with the year they become available but perhaps it's something else? Thanks in advance!
  7. Cockpit for UH-1H gunship

    Hey man, I just wanted to send a quick message as I felt bad that no one replied! Unfortunately, I can't help as I have zero modding skills which is why I'm so grateful to all of you modders out there!!! However, I wanted to say that I've really enjoyed 'flying' your Huey in the game, can't wait for the gunship version and really keeping fingers crossed that a solution can be found. Personally, I'd just be happy with a set of crosshairs on the windshield of the standard cockpit. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  8. That's much clearer. Really appreciate your help. Thank you again
  9. Hi, I may be being a little dumb but please can someone explain how to install these skins with the Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion? Do I just install over the current A-1H and A-1J or do I need to delete those first? Do I install them on the 67 versions also? In the meantime, thank you for your work on these skins.
  10. One other thing... :-) The Buccaneer has some very odd flight characteristics. Can't work out exactly when or why but although it responds OK to controls initially on entering mission, it seems to stop and enter a roll which is then impossible to recover.
  11. Thank you for your hard work on this mod. Couple of issues: I'm getting a lot of crashes at 70-80% loading. Also, Mig-25 artificial horizon seems glitched?
  12. If I run an armed recce mission for example, I will run into a huge column of trucks or bicycles stretching into the distance. I don't know how many but I'm thinking it's probably around 20-30 when just 3-4 would probably be more realistic. What do I need to edit to change this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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