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  1. Do I detect a SATS airfield in the making?... I've had this idea for a while and it sounds awesome, if that's what you're going for.
  2. 10-4. That's what I'll go with then. I'm working on the decals first, I may have a few other questions along the way. I'm planning on sticking with VP-56, since they fit in Dhimar, North Atlantic, Europe, and eburger68's Crisis in the Med add-on campaign.
  3. So I've also found this operational picture. However, this only depicts a single-color overall paint scheme. I'm thinking of making two versions, one with the monocolor scheme and another with a three-color scheme reminiscent of the PB4Y-2 but using TPS colors and markings. Any input?
  4. Cheers and thank you very much. I'm working on a 1980's low-viz Tactical Paint Scheme skin. If anyone has any pictures, those would be greatly appreciated. So far I've only found this one.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have templates for Florian's beta P-3C? I've started to make my own from the default .jpg textures via GIMP, but I thought I'd ask to see if there was an existing template. Thanks, Blueraider
  6. HELP!!! I installed a new weapons pack (I think March 2008), and it SFP1 would not open. No prob, I deleted the weapons pack and tried to install it manually. Same problem. I attempted to replace the Objects and Effects folders with copies that I had backed up. However, I had .zipped the copies so when I unzipped them and replaced the new ones, all my skins were gone! I only had stock skins but they are all gone. Nothing else is gone, just all the .bmp files for the skins. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall, but the uninstall option says it needs to find an "INSTALL log", which I can't find even with a search. This happened today (03Apr12), and I restored my computer to yesterday (02Apr12), and then Friday (30Mar12), and no change. Please reply, I'm stuck!!! Thanks, in advance.

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