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  1. yes, its woI. And thanks for the reply, ill surely look into what you said. Thanks again.
  2. its stock plane yes. if you tell me how and where to exctract the data ini ill be grateful :)
  3. Thank you for your reply. If i go to Objects folder, then aircraft folder and in this case the mirage folder i find a config file and it looks like this: [AircraftData] AircraftFullName=Mirage 5D AircraftShortName=Mirage AircraftDataFile=Mirage5D_data.ini LoadoutFile=Mirage5D_Loadout.ini [LOD001] Filename=Mirage5D.LOD Distance=100 [LOD002] Filename=Mirage5D_lod2.LOD Distance=250 [LOD003] Filename=Mirage5D_lod3.LOD Distance=500 [LOD004] Filename=Mirage5D_lod4.LOD Distance=1000 [LOD005] Filename=Mirage5D_lod5.LOD Distance=10000 [DamageTexture] DamagedPostFix=_holes.tga [shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=10000 MaxVisibleDistance=800 [TextureSet001] Directory=LARAFCamo1 Name=LARAF Camo 1 Nation=Libya Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.000000 Very different from your post so i must assume I am in a wrong place looking for aircraft ini. Cant find files looking like yours. But thanks anyway.
  4. im trying to install engine soundmods. Installation instructions says: To install these sounds put the .wav files to the sounds folder. Then open the aircraft data.ini and go to this line: [sound] EngineSoundName=JetEngine --------------->Change here the sound name of your choice AfterburnerSoundName=JetBurner ---------->And here the Afterburner sound.... DamagedEngineSound= FlapsSoundName=Flaps AirbrakesSoundName=Airbrakes GearsSound=Gear Problem is that i cant find these lines. I go to objects/aircraft and then to the configfile there but cant find these lines anywhere. Do I have to create these lines into the Objects/ aircraft configfile??? lol, sry if this is so simpel you all laugh at this.

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