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  1. @ Eric I agree, and I wouldn't want to put-off any modders that want to try and make more modern aircraft, it's just that I logged ALOT of hours in Jane's USAF, and SF's 60's feel hooked me. I think that I prefer the older jets, especially the Century Series. I love the Voodoo, Delta Dagger and the Starfighter. Hey, I even like some of those swabbie jets ;). But I like the more modern things too (the F-15 is a personal favorite of mine; must be all that time in JF-15) so I will also buy LOMAC when it comes out for the more advanced things. I guess my point is that SF models those early aircraft pretty well, and we don't really need any modern jets, what we need are carrier ops. I hate flying Navy A-4s of the dirt.
  2. Hey, if I wanted really advanced stuff I would have just waited for LOMAC. What I want to see are more Century Series fighters, half the reason that I bought the game was to fly the F-100 and F-104. Don't you think that the F-101 or F-102 would be a great addition to this game?
  3. These are fairly common problems. The only thing that you can really do is wait for the second patch.
  4. New Air Force Uniform

    Well it seems that it would help in the urban-type setting of most AF bases, but alot of them are near forests or fields, and that cammo would be detrimental in those settings.
  5. New Air Force Uniform

    Yeah, do you mean the blue tiger-stripe one? Looks kinda weird if you ask me.
  6. @ DO. Hey, that sounds cool. I've always wanted to see the world from the Phantom's back seat.
  7. Looking good. The vapor trails from the wing roots are a nice adition.
  8. I tried to get some shots of the superb landing gear animation.
  9. I just came back from a little Air Defense Supression. Take a look.
  10. Nice job! I flew a quick Strike mission to check it out, and I brought back some pics. I also noticed a few things, like the alierons acting kind of funny, but you probably already knew that, and since it's a beta, I'm not complaining.

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