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  1. Heres a test for you Virtual pilots

    F/A-22 Raptor...
  2. So far, I haven't being able to capture the mouse, slider or scroll buttons on the throttle (I was able to capture all of them in the X45), so for this particular action I decided to use the second Hat Switch on the Joystick... I have configured 2 modes: 1 - Taxiing, take off, returning to base, landing 2 - Combat Mode, air 2 ground, air 2 air In mode 2, I set this Hat Switch to control the Target Designator and, using the "pinkie", to control de radar slew, elevation... I fly mostly the russians Su-27 and Mig-29, but I think it could work the same for you in any other...
  3. Just... - Connect Siteck X52 to your PC - Open LOMAC - Go to Options - Input - Switch to Axis - Select Sitek X52 in Devices - Select Thrust - Change - Move the Thruster - Save - That's it In general, for thruster, rudder and stick I don't use the Profile Editor but I configure them directly in LOMAC. At the end you just get a combination of settings from LOMAC and the Profile in the X52... Happy flying!
  4. Close

  5. Close-up

  6. Banking...

  7. Up!

  8. Labels

    Yep, agree... Labels on for training and getting familiar with the game... No labels for the real thing... And it gets tough... I can say...
  9. Hey! I wonder how many out there actually fly LOMAC with or without the labels on... I'm trying to do it without them and... well... totally different story...
  10. Radio Controled

    Really cool!!!
  11. SAAB Video

    Cool effects...
  12. Hi: Any of you know of some good squadrons out there? I'm flying LOMAC now but have very few links to some squadrons... Like to compare before shopping... -- FatBoy

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