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  1. Thanks Eric, all problem(s) solved: ...now I can get back to hunting Harriers...
  2. so I ran some more tests. Using the 1700ltr drop tanks was not the right benchmark. These tanks were not supposed to be used in combat, but only in long range ferry operations. The Argentines used them because the 500 ltr drop tanks designed for combat did not give them enough flight time over the islands. However, both the 500 and 1,700 DT were used in combat. I reran the same tests with the 500ltr drop tanks in both SF2I and the mod, making sure the planes had the same weight. As soon as I take off, I use alt+n to warp to the IP at 35,000 feet. test #1 - SF2I, initial weight 20,690 lbs, 68% throttle. The planes start at 275 knots and quickly accelerate to mach 0.96: test #2: SF2K, initial weight 20,590 lbs, 68% throttle. The planes start at 279 knots, but are not able to maintain that speed and gradually slow down: so there is an issue of more than just weight. The Mirage IIIE appears to have less thrust than the Mrage IIIC. In RL, the Mirage IIIE was powered by the Atar 09c engine which was more powerful than the Atar 09b engine used in the Mirage IIIC, although the diffrence may have been as little as 6%.
  3. Eric, thanks for checking. it makes sense, but the fact remains that the Argentinian Mirages preferred to fly at high altitude and it does not appear possible in the sim. I will see what I can find out. John.
  4. well, I was able to put the cockpit in by changing the DATA INI to point to the Shahak data, but there is a line in the HUD I cant get rid of. Any ideas?
  5. Being able to use the stock Gr.3 from SF2E would be nice. Any chance to also be able to substitute the Mirage IIICJ cockpit from SF2I for the Mirage IIIEA in the mod? I also have another issue/question. I have been playing around with high altitude air-to-air missions. In the real war, the Mirage IIIEA, which carried out most of the air-to-air missions generally flew at 35,000 feet where they would have a high speed/good fuel economy and be out of range of the SHAR which generally flew around 15,000 feet. In the mod, a Mirage IIIEA with a standard long range loadout (2x1700ltr drop tanks/2xshafir2) can't maintain a steady speed at 35,000 feet even at full military power and will gradually lose speed until it stalls. In SF2I however, a Mirage IIICJ with a standard long range loadout (2x500ltr tanks/2xshafir2) will easily cruise at 35,000 feet at mach 0.90+ without using full power. Admittedly, the Argentine fighter is carrying a heavier load, but there does appear to be a large discrepancy in performance.
  6. Eburger68, I crosschecked multiple entries in the Malvinas TYPE and TARGET INI against available targets in the mission editor. Nothing appears to be missing. It looks like the mod works even without SF2. In my case, I used the SF2E exe to clone the exe for the Falklands mod.
  7. I would not know what to look for, but I have played a variety of single/campaign misions from both sides and did not notice anything unusual. I also edited some single missions using the exp 2 mission editor.
  8. On that point, I just wanted to mention I have the Falklands mod working on a merged instal of SF2I/SF2E/EXP1/EXP 2. I dont have SF2 or SF2V. I just followed the install instructions and it works perfectly.
  9. minor problem with the alignment of the HMS Invincible. It is pointing due west (270) while the rest of the ships in the Task Force are pointing due east (90). The campaign missions have you approaching from the bow. Realigning it so it is pointing due east would solve the problem.
  10. very nice mod, just played through a few missions. great job.
  11. well I checked in the object data and the Mig-17/19/21 all have restrictions, some quite sophistacated. Here is the entry for the Mig-21: and the one for the F-4c: the entries all seem fine, unless the actual code has been disabled.
  12. I play with everything on hard, except HUD and visual targeting on normal, although I tweaked the ini files to remove all the "normal" info, except the enemy targeting box. I would like to move everything to "hard", but two things stop me: 1. it is very difficult to spot any enemy AC unless the view is zoomed all the way in, which is not a practical way to fly; and 2. with "hard" visual targeting, it is not possible to give your wingman a "attack my target" order against ground or air targets. I play with the enemy AI at "normal" in SF2 Europe and "easy" in SF2 Israel, since this is probably more historically accurate. As others have mentioned, it only affects the proportion of Ace, average and rookie pilots in the flights and even on "easy", you might still wind up tangling with an enemy Ace. However this quote really intrigues me: where do I find this file? I would like to reactivate the blind spots to see what effect it has on the game. I presume it affects both friendly and enemy AC? secondly, are there other similar settings that should be turned back on?

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