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  1. http://www.lockonmodernaircombat.com/modul...download&cid=14
  2. B) Nice work. Love the new gun sounds. I only removed two from your mod (fire & sonic boom) as I like the default ones better, but the others are really nice. Absolutely will use these new sounds. Good stuff!
  3. As well as (for some) turning down/off AA, you have to be flying slower than 500 to see the blur.
  4. Yes there is chaff, but at the point of release. This shot was taken far away from that using the "super zoom" feature. I just like the way the flares spread out and squirm thru the sky. Makes for a cool backdrop. With this being a demo there really isn't too much to do so I'm just trying to take some good poser shots.
  5. I am losing lots of sleep over this incredible, long awaited demo! I can only imagine how disruptive the full version is going to be to my life! Wait a minute, who am I kidding…what life?!!!! Anyway here’s the shot.
  6. I love the atmosphere in this sim. Glad to see BioHaz is back up and looking good!!
  7. What a total babe Lock-On is!!! I'm getting very good fps and I hope, since this demo is from Beta 5 and ED is now on Beta 10, it gets even better!! Hope you enjoy the shots! In case your wondering... My Specs: P4 2.47 5900 Ultra 1 Gig Mushkin Rambus XP Home Everything is set to high except for water (medium and it still looks awesome,)shadows, and lights. I can live without those as it gives me smooth fps (anywhere from 20-60). BTW, the screens with the number two in the corner is from FRAPS. Only the second half of the number is showing on the shots so don't get alarmed by thinking I was getting 2 FPS. I'd be pissed if that were the case!! :P
  8. I did tell you which one worked. Read again... "Only the 1st one worked for me"
  9. Well I finally got two of your vids! The first of the A-10 series and the Eagle Soup one. I am now a convert! ;) Good job. Looks incredibly fun.
  10. Well I sure hope so. I have the new licensed version of Fraps and have recorded several games and they are nowhere near that choppy. Hopefully the demo will have enough bells and whistles included to get a true feel for how she "runs".
  11. Thanks for the link. Only the 1st one worked for me. Nice vid, but it sure is choppy. Must have been getting like 4 fps while on the ground and maybe 12 fps in the air. Scary.... :(
  12. I really want to believe these "videos" by Mr. Mudd exist!!

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