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  1. I'm looking to get started in skinning some planes, and I'd like to know if there are templates for the stock aircraft available. The ones I'm most interested in are: F-4B/C/D/E/J Phantom II A-10A Thunderbolt II F-15A Eagle F-14A Tomcat F-16A Netz Mirage IIIC/CJ/CZ/EL/O Nesher I'd also like to know how to add them to the game, and if there's a way to view them without loading them up in the game, like in an external model viewer? Thank you!
  2. I followed all the instructions to install the mod to the letter, but whenever I try to run an Instant Action mission or campaign, the game loads to about 60%, then crashes. Any idea why this might be? All my other modded installs and stock stuff works perfectly fine, but all the ODS content just crashes.

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