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  1. WOFF is now available!

    Rotten luck Beanie, bad enough to be at work, but can't you suddenly develop a blinding headache/sick auntie/athletes foot or something? My sympathies. RS
  2. WOFF is now available!

    Yay (cap in air), Downloading now. This is likely to be the longest 6hr 47min of my life. Now, I may be easily pleased but if you divide the purchase price by the hundreds of hours of fun and excitement in the (W)offing, gee, what a bargain. Cheap at twice the price I reckon. Well done all the Devs, may you be well rewarded for your work. Thank you one and all. RS
  3. *Sigh*

    HI folks, look, I've just upgraded to a GTX770 and have a GTX570 surplus to requirements. PM me if you think a GTX570 will help. Cheers. RS PS fwiw the 770 is a major improvement over the 570: smoother, minimal jaggies, less popping, higher frame rates (40-60), uses less power, very quiet.
  4. Hello chaps, bit late - mind unhinged by WOFF excitements. Welcome Beanie, large pink gin thanks. If they haven't got pink light green will do. BWOC BWOC? Sounds like you blokes have been at the Turkish ciggies again . Waiter, some WOFFair thin mints for these people.
  5. Excellent news, wonder how woff will be distributed? Snail mail can be so slow to the antipodes. Belt and braces approach I think - download and disc. That should do it. Bloody well done Devs. Look, you blokes take a couple of days off this xmas, reintroduce yourselves to your families All the best. RS
  6. Btw Lou, just read through your very impressive list but didn't see this: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks07/0701101.txt War Birds: Diary of an unknown aviator. Supposedly "anonymous" but actually by an American bloke called Grider I think. You've probably read it, but in case you have not it is very good indeed. All the best RS Damnit, just read the list properly this time and see now that it is there. Sigh, just ignore me. Onwards and upwards. RS
  7. Congrats Lou, on picking up, imo, a classic. Funny, sad, tragic in equal measure. I only ever had a cheap pback edition which I literally read to pieces. Best wishes RS
  8. Yay !!! (pours large drink) Cheers
  9. Embodiment of WOFF?

    Hi Olham, yeah, same thoughts crossed my mind too. I also doubt my spectacles would fit under the thing. But the developers appear to have this issue covered, according to the FAQs anyway, and I guess I would have to go with contacts when/if. In any case, commercial release is some way off and only developer kits are available currently - no flight sims have taken the device on so far. I must say though that the prospect is exciting, far more so than TIR and that device transformed my experience of sims. Should take immersion to another level. Interesting times, and besides, something other than WOFF to look forward to. Be good. RS PS = The ROFers at SimHQ have a discussion going that may be informative.
  10. Embodiment of WOFF?

    Sorry to stray further off topic, but I wonder if WOFF will support this: http://www.oculusvr.com/ Appears to be in development at the mo, but if it does what it promises, would be a mind-blower with OFF/WOFF. I like the seat ZZ, I'll see if you can get them here. I use a VRF seat thing which works okish, can't give it unqualified tick though. Cheers RS
  11. Summer Update?

    Hi CaptSopwith, this'll have to a winter update from down here. Still find OFF pretty engrossing so don't pay much heed to WOFF: still some way off, I expect. Other games? Not really my thing although I do enjoy The Battle for Middle Earth now and again. Oh, and I fired up First Eagles the other day and had a very enjoyable session. I suppose I should really have a go with ROF again- I just can't get into it, no idea why. Learning some Arthur Blake songs and related stuff. Food for the soul. All the best Capt, may the quiet times continue. RS
  12. Yeh, Adger1971, all settings via NVidia control panel. It's only really noticeable in rigging wires in external views, a minor irritation. I tried 54455 and it has worked very well so far, even at low altitude. Cheers. RS
  13. Thanks Adger1971, hmmmm, think I will hit the workshop and play with the settings some more. Plus, for no apparent reason my AA has turned to custard . Cheers. RS
  14. Nice, Adger1971, Like the landscape. Could you tell a little abt your workshop settings ? Disabled shadows ? Cheers. RS
  15. Umm...

    Just my personal preference, Hauksbee, but I do think there is something to the raising and disappointment of expectations. They can post as many as they like, I just won't be viewing them. I've seen enough to be sure that WOFF will look superb, I never had any doubt abt that. Fingers crossed that the AI has been as well sorted. Besides, I would like some pleasant surprises and you can't have that if too much is known beforehand. Silly, I know, but there you are. All the best RS

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