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  1. I turned the TCL off and I got nothing geometric shapes flashing all over the screen. Wow
  2. I have a 9000 also try these settings. Everything works but the RWR: goto the advanced button under display properties, advanced and then the Direct X tab: anisotropic pref: application preference full scene anti-aliasing: 2x performance texture pref: high quality Mipmap: high quality Z buffer: 16,24;8 bit stencil Wait for vert sync: applicatio pref. Alpha dither: Error diffusion alt pixel center: disabled colorfill:disabled comp. tex: eneabled Hierarchial z: default pixel shader ver: default table fog: default tcl: default truform: disabled vertex shader:default w buffer: disabled w fog: default z fog: default Hope this helps :D
  3. I was watchiing a show on the History Channel and got this idea. Has anyone thought about making the F-111? It sgouldn't be too much of a sretch from the F-14.
  4. I'm not seeing any airbases either. I love the geography though. Good work.
  5. Thanks, this is a great sim! I love the fact you can get into it and really make it what you want.
  6. I saw in your screen shots some of you guys have been able to customize your callsigns. Where can I find that at to change them?
  7. I tweeked a F-4G skin to to look like the E models my base used to fly, it works great for me but when I save the skin folder to disk for a friend to use the center fuselage is black but everything else shows up. Is there a something that has to be done to export it?
  8. New Air Force Uniform

    It's unbelieveable. In my career field we sometimes have to blend in with the countryside. Blue is not very "low profile"
  9. New Air Force Uniform

    Has anybody seen the new USAF uniform being proposed?
  10. AP,SP now were SF I can't keep up too much nerve gas. Thanks I will try that link

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