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  1. Playing WOV. I have searched the NB; What do the values in weapon.ini mean? I want to make bombs more effective, slightly easier to hit targets, do more damage to surrounding area. I just dont know what to change exactly. I assumed the "explosives" value might do it? Or do I mess with "mass"? Also, at the bottom, what does CEP stand for? I have messed with the following, example- Mk 81 250lb bomb: In Weapondata.ini I have changed the "Explosives=xxxxx" value to "Explosives=1555.110001" as example; I think I have noticed some difference, not sure... =[WeaponData001] TypeName=Mk81 FullName=Mk.81 250-lb Bomb ModelName=mk81 Mass=113.400002 Diameter=0.230000 Length=1.880000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.092000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.357000 AttachmentType=NATO,USAF,USN SpecificStationCode= NationName=USAF StartYear=0 EndYear=0 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=24 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=0 ExportEndYear=0 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=0 RailLaunched=FALSE Retarded=FALSE FinStabilized=TRUE SpinStabilized=FALSE EffectClassName=SmallBombEffects DragAreaMultiplier=1.000000 WarheadType=0 Explosives=1555.110001 <<<<<<<<-----------------========== FusingDistance=0.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=0 Accuracy=0 MaxTurnRate=0.000000 MaxLaunchG=0.000000 LockonChance=0 LaunchReliability=0 ArmingTime=0.000000 SeekerFOV=0.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=0.000000 SeekerTrackRate=0.000000 SeekerRange=0.000000 ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=20.000000

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