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  1. Is there any progress on the plane?
  2. i wouldn´t say better , just more conventional . according to the books , and artwork , the fand II could make a 360 degrees yaw thanks to the many control surfaces
  3. Sweet mother of aviation! That is FANTASTIC! i hope the cockpit won´t be a problem to make
  4. you can see a lot of inner details on sentou yousei yukikaze-mechanical design works , every FAF plane cockpit , i guess you could use the one of the Fand I for this
  5. well , i´m not paying twice for a game i already bought ( and cheaper than the original price ), anyway its cheaper to get the cd sent from his city to mine , the downside its that it takes time , and a perfect summer sunday evening not spent blowing out MiGs seems a waste ... secondly , being a game that old , i don´t think it has anti-piracy software , to detect whter i´m usiing a normal cd or an iso installed program to update ... If the game doesnt work when i get the cd back ..then what? back to square one Update: Reading the online store , it says that SF1 wont work on windows 7 nor vista ...then why the hell mine does work without the patches?! , this is madness!!!
  6. Hi there! ( if there is a tpic alredy on thise , i apologize , i´m kinda new to the forum section of the site ) I recently bought a new pc , old one busted , i salvaged the hard drives and mounted on the new one , hoping for the best regarding my musc files , and games ... I switched from windows XP , to 7 ultimate ( time to update !) and transferred the files ... and that didn´t work , i got myself an iso [ since i borrowed the original cd to my cousin ] , got that working but with some issues ( was the earliest version of the game, text is barely legible , no addon planes , etc etc ) , and once i run the update to october 2008 , when i try t launch the game , i only get a black scren for a second , and nothing happens WHY? has anyone had this type of problem before? what do i do? Thank you for your time reading

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