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  1. hello all well since I got WOV/WOE and some mods/maps I have not played any other game for a few months now,next step is to try online WOV/WOE - that would be kool with teamspeak or other voice chat -typing and flying do not work!- to the point, I know nothing on making maps, but with recent events (last 10 years or so??) could provide a oppurtunity for some map that has simalar but not EXACT world events (idea not to upset some) but missions that would be well....challenging such as eyes on overflight monitoring and target engagement over hostile/disputed area or armed recon,pre-emptive,use of force as deterent,pre-cold war stuff, north korea/china would be interesting,libya's line of death or somolia and pirate's or even recon for SAR in areas...anyone remember the aircraft that had a super missile that locked onto a object in orbit and was able to take it out..that would be a heck of a intercept mission... or make missions with current maps but with extreme difficulty and objective,I can come up with 20 or so senarios off the top of my head that can be used in current maps. I am going to read up on some of the map making and since computer upgrade of drive and storage,well I can do more stuff on computer. I know a cumputer guru who does map making,mebbie I can get him to get in on WOV/WOE for map making,kinda like pulling teeth,so not sure. so anyway I know this is a broad question for mapmaking,kinda getting burned out on current missions so time to download more stuff... Thanks
  2. Mi-35

    where do the files & folders go to install? Thanks AmishJedi
  3. follow up, got ODS working !!! the Readme files really do work contrary to popular folklore,dont throw em out like christmass wrapping paper! AmishJedi
  4. way cool, I am off to a good start on the series so far,fineshed a few flights,did not finis many more. bummer that SAM's dont show up on radar,must set up pov for view when a sam lights off,my reaction is to hit the deck regardless when a call goes out. I have a satekx-45 dug out of storage,its got bugs like no throttle swich and no rudder swich (its only 11 years old) and it has many programmable buttons and I am trying to get all of my sims so I have same basic controll for weap/targ/view with all of my flight games ,makes it more familar and improve gameplay when all games have same config. -or as close as possible- as for the file on desktop that wont delete, I must have inadvertantly installed to that location (temporary dislexia?) I have uninstalled everything and it still refuses to delete,I think a registry flush might work or a real big magnet waved over cpu might get er done! as for installing the many many items for extensive gameplay, next install is ODS-operation desert storm- then the WOV gold looks interesting. I have read up on install,I am confident that I can do it over if 1st time dont work (on 2nd attempt now). any recomendations on mods or missions that have stealth planes,I was a big fan of microprose F-117 stealth fighter.I am looking forward to Operation desert storm mod when I get it installed properly. before mods, I got a few flights in so far, have finished a few after setup for graphic was tuned for best flight/detail instead of click-o-vision. (radeon 9600 pro graphic kard) , it runs smooth now. so I will read up on "how not to screw up a install" and get on it,I look forward to the many new missions. stupid question department: is the mission editor complex or can a dropout at MIT make a map for the WOE / WOV ? I have the WOE & WOV game,can I use the mods for Strike Fighter & WOI or are they another game series alltogether? Thanks AmishJedi
  5. Hello thought I would introduce myself, new to the club & some of the air games,this looks like the place to read up on and go fly with others in co-op or VS. currently flying WOV , WOE ,Hawx ,Falcon 4.0 ,various Rebel and Empire fighters too. I must read up on the forums,I am very new to the WOV/WOE series and its worthy to sit in front of until summer but I am dealing with some setup stuff thats more suited to the stupid questiond department for newbees, found out the expensive way that the WOE has 2 versions of the same game but one is from Europe and other is from America...at least thats what I understand so far. I am trying to install mods and other interesting things to WOV & WOE but uncertain where to start?, so many things on the menu, not into making skins or maps yet but still refreshing my flight sim skills after a long time away from computer and computer mechanic is a ways away. anyway I got a patch thats stuck on the desktop and it wont go away (WOV_UpdateOct2008b.exe),even the teenagers cant delete it (being used by other running file or program) other than that little bugger,these are some fine flying games that will keep me up in the air for some time. Thanks for your time.

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