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  1. 331Killerbee has got a Web Site of his own now. It includes Skins he has done and some Information. It also has a simple Fourm. Check it out. ;) http://331KillerBee.250free.com Wolfman :ph34r:
  2. Gentelmen, With the development of Rolling Thunder underway, I'm starting a Development Team for a Add-on. It will be called "I Corps". It will involve the area of Veitnam in the I Corps area of opperation from 1964 till 1972. Some of the areas to be covered: Tam Ky Cam Ne-Dia Loc Happy Valley Marble Mountian Hio An Hills 10,22,37,44,52,55,63, 327HQ. OP Harvest Moon LZ OP Starlite LZ Rockpile-Razon Back Ridge Dong Ha Quang Tri to DMZ Con Thein Hue City & Ashau Valley Khe Sahn LZ Stud Long Tan Mai Lai Hio An Camp Kistler China Beach Red Beach......Among others. Airbases: Da Nang Chu Lai Cam Rahn Bay...and others. Anybody interested, Please contact me at- billybax@tds.net I will decide the make up of the team according to talents. I'm in need of Reasearchers, Ground Object Modelers, Painters- Both Terrain and Objects. There will be a Web Site set up for this Add-on. If interested, E-Mail me. Join up now. SEMPER FI! Wolfman (331KillerBee) :ph34r:
  3. Falcon, I proposed an ALQ-134 Pods for it over to the Weapons Development Team. I thank It's Being Worked on. SEMPER FI! Wolfman :D
  4. Falcon, I posted the wrong .INI information at SimHq. I'm sorry :( It should be This: [Diamond] Position[01].Offset= 0, 0, 0 Position[02].Offset=-8.75, -5,-3.50 Position[03].Offset= 8.75, -5,-3.50 Position[04].Offset= .25, -12,-5.75 I hopes this helps. I'm sorry for the Confusion. Wolfman
  5. I posted that replay over at SimHq for you on Formation Flying. I hope it Helps. SEMPER FI! Wolfman (331KillerBee) :ph34r:
  6. Gentelmen, I'm glad ya'll posted this. Damn I forgot about the recc. "Canoe". <_< Thanx for posting. :D Wolfman (331Killerbee) :ph34r:
  7. Hey Guys, I posted this over here. I hope Yall' ENJOY! I'm sure Jeff will get it up as soon as he can. SEMPER FI! Wolfman :D (331KillerBee) :ph34r:
  8. Hawker1, Thanx for the reply on the skins. Cool Pic too. :D Which C-5's you working on? After I got out of the Service, I went to work at Lockheed Georgia. I did all the Avonics Racks Wiring for all the "B" Models in the Mid-to Late Eighties. Take care of yourself over there. SEMPER FI! Wolfman ;)
  9. BTW, Look for an AIM-26/A comming also.......
  10. Nukes Comming, Fuzing is there and Explosive Yeld is there. Proper Particle System Effects need to be made along with Models. Comming soon....... :D Wolfman
  11. Capun, I'm not having any problems with them currently. I think I've just about downloaded all of them before release of the patch. Just haven't installed them yet, and was wondering if there was any Issues so far from people currently runnng them before i started installing them. Have you got them all available at one Site? So, I can check to see if I've got them all. I Know you and Beer's done alot in this area. I really want to get a Task force going here. :D THANX! for your Reply. Wolfman
  12. I'm Just Checking over here, if there's any reported Issues with any of the add-on ships we've had in regards to the 2nd Patch. Wolfman
  13. LordOliver, That's an Outstanding Post. For information on these Weapon Types see the Weapons Page at ACFC at www.wpnssgt.com. :D Wolfman

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