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  1. Can anybody get MiG-29S TWS dual attack to work? My R-77 keeps going to target number one.
  2. Now I feel guilty that I hasn't bought every single product by TW.... yet.
  3. MiG-21BIS soon? How about that F/A-18C?
  4. Mine works fine. Have F-8E/J in all three SF2V campaign.
  5. What are you ?

    The BEST reason to play the series, IMHO.....
  6. AvalancheAlbum

  7. I just tried with both Su-25T/Kh-29T/Kh-25ML and A-10A with AGM-65D against 4x or 5x SA-9. They all shot at me and not the incoming missiles. Maybe it is because I flew into the envelop and AI prioritized to shoot at me. I will try fly higher above 15 angle tomorrow.
  8. I wish I can make half the video that good!
  9. Shooting down Mavericks is actually pretty easy with anything phase array. Tico's system was designed to engage multiple AS-6 attacks simultaneously, and that passive phase array radar system was designed in late 70s.
  10. Good job! We as a community need to do this more often. Kids nowadays have very short attention span, and I do suspect that most members on CA are above 30. Getting kids hooked to fighter games like SF2 then graduate them into more realistic FS is to goal. We can't have games without broadening audience. In addition to tutorial videos, we might also need "cool" videos to get kids hooked on.
  11. Actually, I got blown out of this self-made SP mission the first time. Then I realized that I shouldn't be approaching from the flat lands. That time I flew to the east of the SAM site and use the small hill to get into the envelop. And the first thing I take out is the command post. Without it, it won't fire a single shot. There is a mountain top near the border of Abkhazia in Georgia proper that is flat enough and wide enough to put enough air-defense assets on it. I've tried putting a full Patriot battery plus a Buk-M1 system and a few ZSU-23-4s. I finally found a way to take out MPQ-53. It actually shoots down Kh-58 missiles. I can't clear the mountain top myself. AI-controlled a/c are idiotic at best. Need some brains behind the cockpit to work together. Ships are kind of idiotic. They really need to fix Ticonderoga, and give Perry two-target engagement capability, and priotize shooting down AShMs first. I know it's about 1990s technology, but Tico should be able to shoot down two Su-25Ts with all 4xKh-58 fired at it without a scratch.

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