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  1. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    Just used a different email addy for registration, thanks for the help though.
  2. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

  3. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    RuggButt, I used my gmail account to order CH and register with CH Hangar.
  4. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    I tried to register at CH Hanger, but it said my email address was banned? I sent an email to the administrators, no idea why my email would be banned. Had a quick question, I did not receive any confirmation email regarding my CH purchase, maybe because I ordered it late in the afternoon today. Just wanted to see if this was normal.
  5. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    RuggButt, Outstanding review, I was leaning towards a TM Warthog, but after reading your review and the the ED forums with accounts of countless problems with software, throttle issues, and questions/worry about if their stick will work when they turn on their computers I have made my decision. Some quick history, I own a x-52 non-pro, good stick, not great, but its still ticking. I bought an x-52 pro, hated it, don't know why but it didnt feel as sturdy or stable as my older x-52 so I returned it. Went to Frys and got to "feel" the G940 and x65f. The G940 did not do it for me, but the x65f I must admit was a rock, but the force sensing would be really hard to get use too. So, this afternoon I took the plunge and purchased the following: Pro Pedals USB, Pro Throttle USB, and the Fighterstick USB. I have not seen one good video review of the products. I will make one or a few and show the contents in each box, installing the components / software, and a video review on each component. I hope this will help CH with future purchases. I will edit in Sony Vegas 9.0 and give the CH products due justice on YouTube. Thanks for the great review! Respectfully, Ranger79

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