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  1. SF2 Su-24 Fencers

  2. Jas 39 Gripen E (NG)

    Canopy does not open. Please fix.
  3. Enough talking! Get to work on these planes and cockpits too!! LOL. The Motherland awaits!!
  4. Russouk2004,when will the Hawk T1A pit be finished? Last update was back in October.
  5. What can cause the decals on an aircraft to shimmer. This usually occurs when I zoom in or zoom out when the aircraft is paused. Is there a setting in game or in the NVIDIA control panel that can correct this ? Thanks.
  6. Found it, Fixed it. Thanks cocas.
  7. The game seems to play much smoother with hardly any stuttering. This is especially true when on a CAS mission. Used to get some stuttering when you turn on the camera for an EOGR,but with this setting there is no stuttering even if you leave the camera on. Amazing, thanks.
  8. Downloaded the SU-35Bm in sf1 series works great. Downloaded the Su-35BM skin from sf2. Works ok until you add missiles then the pylons are black. Any ideas? Thanks. P.S. everything for the skin was installed correctly per the readme.
  9. Su-35BM - Skin

    Skin is okay on insky aircraft until you load missiles. Then the pylons are black. Please fix.
  10. SU-37 Flanker-F

    How about giving us a skin with individual number decals instead of the ones just painted on the aircraft. Not all planes want to have the same number. Tried to do this using copy and past from Marcfighters Su-27, but the positions for those decals aren't right and won't work on this aircraft. Even the stock numbers would be ok.
  11. Move the seat in cockpit forward. Like it says in the above reply.Works anytime you have this sort of problem

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