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  1. File Name: VF-302 Stallions File Submitter: Allo File Submitted: 28 Jun 2005 File Category: SF F-14 Skins Skin for the F-14A, VF-302 Stallions. Click here to download this file
  2. File Name: F-4J VF-114 "Aardvarks" File Submitter: Allo File Submitted: 21 Jun 2005 File Updated: 21 Jun 2005 File Category: SF F-4 Skins F-4J VF-114 "Aardvarks". Click here to download this file
  3. File Name: VF-114 File Submitter: Allo File Submitted: 10 Feb 2005 File Updated: 21 May 2005 File Category: SF F-14 Skins This skin is of the F-14A VF-114 Ardvarks of the USN. Enjoy! Click here to download this file
  4. I'm doing this skin, but can't tell the difference between any of the block F-16's. So far I've been skinning it with the block 52. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself just to learn I have to start again. I hope it will be a simple transfer to the correct block once I know which one it is. Also if anyone is doing this skin please tell me so I can stop progress on it. There is much left to do on it. http://www.allo.spiderweb.com.au/F-16C&F-15E.jpg Just a picture of the progress so far. Also a F-15E camo skin which will take even longer to do because it has so many different parts to paint. Is very hard to line the camo up. BTW. This is my first weathered skin attempt just for you Dave.
  5. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    I found this and thought it might shed some light on the subject. Intresting read. Thought I'd share. Click HERE to find out who has the best pilots. PS. Remember this is just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to one.
  6. Caption Me II

  7. F-15K Ingress.........

    Man, those things can carry a hefty payload. The SS's look excellent. ;) USAFMTL. I thought you liked them weathered and dirty.
  8. 9600XT Upgrade

    Thanks for your response PG_Raptor.
  9. 9600XT Upgrade

    You guys are probably sick of these stupid questions? I'm thinking of upgrading my video card. I currently have a 9600XT. I'm thinking of getting a 6600GT. Is it even worth it? I was told by the guy at the shop it wasn't worth it. Then there is a 9800XT for a few bucks more. So..... 1) Is it worth upgrading from a 9600XT to a 6600GT? 2)Is the 9800XT much better than the 6600GT? Sorry if this question seems silly but I'm not a computer person. PS. AGP cards. Mainly for Sims like SFP1 & Lock On. Any reply would be appreciated.
  10. All are WIP(Work In Progress). Although there are loading screens already, we are eagerly awaiting the actual planes themselves. I think the Argentina's Pucara has been released but.
  11. Thanks for the response USAFMTL & Buff. Weathered it is. Not sure about dirty but....
  12. VF-302 Stallions



    Skin for the F-14A, VF-302 Stallions.
  13. Just doing a few skins and wondered what the general community liked. I myself, like to fly a brand new looking plane. But I know a few of you like the weathered look.
  14. I'm not sure if you were talking about the one on this page or not. The fourth one down has a bee on it. Just flip through the pages. I'm sure you will find one that you'll like.
  15. Pick a skin and I'll do my besy Lexx.

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