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  1. WOFF Manager and flying time

    In the stock CFS3, if you pause the sim the so called "ZULU TIME" also pauses, then resumes as normal when you unpause. I can't test this in WOFF at the moment, but I would imagine it would be the same as in CFS3.
  2. WOFF Manager and flying time

    @Olham: It just seems strange honestly, considering when you press "Z" to bring up all that information, you can see the time. Why doesn't the manager query the time the player leaves the floor, and again the moment they touch back down, then work out the difference? I would guess it's because WOFF uses an attached dll, and perhaps therefore cannot get at this information, but even then you could maybe use the computer's time, and record when the keys used to pause or accelerate the sim, then factor these into account when getting the difference as previously stated. @JimAttrill: I do plan on flying more, it just takes up a lot of time for me, as I don't want to use the time compression.
  3. Hi guys, hope you're all doing well. After a few weeks off I had the time to take my DiD pilot up for another (rather uneventful) sortie. It was a long reconnaissance flight which took about 2 hours to complete. However, after landing and ending the mission, the manager told me I had only been flying for 57 minutes. I'm not sure what this bug is or why it happens, but it may be worth noting that I had a 10 minute interruption during which I had to pause the sim; I vauguely remember this causing the OFF manager to mess up flight times, but I could be mistaken. If anyone knows of a way to stop this from happening, or why it happens in the first place, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah that seems correct; I was under the impression we only put in the kills that are confirmed - correct my if I'm wrong though and I'll just do it again.
  5. Well gents, I've just got my first kill! Has yet to be confirmed of course, but it was a quick and brutal fight. I was flying along in formation just over the lines South of Armienteres, when the plane to the left of the leader sheds a wing and careens straight into the poor fellow flying on his left. As this happens, our leader pulls into a tight turn and his observer starts to get busy! I still hadn't even seen the enemy, and they had taken out two of our flight of five! I followed in the turn, and then I saw them - three or four white Fokker E.IIIs, and two Aviatiks. I turned to get behind on of the E.IIIs and started firing; he went into a steep spiralling dive into which I followed him, pulling out at about 800 feet. I then managed to get onto his tail and fire a few more shots, and which point his kite jerked upwards and he spun into the floor. I pulled up steeply to gain some altitude, turning just in time to see another Strutter go down in flames. At this point the one remaining Fokker I could see seemed to lose interest (thankfully!) and headed for home, which I took as a key opportunity to get out of there! I made it home fine after that, with no more enemy contact. I was the only one to land at the field, but I was informed by WOFF that both FC David Lawley and FC Alexander MacDonald Shook had landed at other fields. FL Tony Armstrong, FL Dan Moore, and their observers, are confirmed dead. It's amazing how easily the enemy can sneak up on you... had I been alone I doubt my pilot would still be around to tell the tale, and the worst part is I thought I was keeping a good look out! Hope everyone else is still hanging on, and best of luck to all!
  6. That's great, thanks for all the work you're putting into this!
  7. Hmmm, I just tried to add some details to the website, but after the page about flying time, location, etc., I'm presented with a page asking how my pilot died, despite listing him as being active.
  8. Just completed my first mission with nothing to report - simple arty spot with no contact at all. 83 minutes in the bag though! Olham - What I meant to say was that in the actual sim I'm a Flight Sub-Lieutenant, but on the reports website I'm using Sergeant as, for now at least, the RNAS ranks are not present.
  9. Right, I'll just use the rank of Sergeant for now on the website until the correct RNAS ranks become available. Are we posting reports like the last DiD campaign, and if so which thread are we using? Thanks again.
  10. JimAttrill and Olham - many thanks, I'll set my pilot up shortly and prepare myself for the adventures ahead! Best of luck to all!
  11. Hi Olham, two things: People who aren't on the list on the website can't sign up - it might be a good idea to use a text field instead so we can just input our usernames too. If we wish to start in the RNAS, which rank should we choose? Thanks in advance.
  12. I've said I'll be able to do 4 per week, but that's only over the holidays as when at uni I don't have access to a computer that can run WOFF. Seconded, it's very much appreciated!
  13. Is CFS3 worth trying?

    I had to set the cfs3.exe to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3 on my Windows 7 (x64) machine, but I don't recall if that's because of the same error you're receiving. Best of luck. :)
  14. Could be the trailing edge of another plane's wing? Looks a bit jagged for it, but that could just be because the ailerons are angled? It's a possibility anyway haha.

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