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  1. Would it depend on the severity of the damage trotski ? Possibly not going to be reported has damaged if it was superficial? Not sure though pal.
  2. Looking at both of Busdrivers shots it looks to me like Home field is Fienvillas and it showed his landing at Bertangles West Pol, ( I could be mistaken though). I didn’t make a note of where my debrief said I’d landed (Wasn’t my home base though, when in fact I did land at home) il repost any findings IF it happens again, cheers Pol.
  3. Not seen it so far Busdriver, don’t know if it matters if the friendly was a HA or not? Hopefully Someone can chime in.
  4. Noticed this aswell..No mods active. Maybe someone else could confirm
  5. I deleted all of it Jerhear, I uninstalled using toolbox first ..then cleared registry using toolbox, then any loose folders and files I manually deleted then installed BHAH II
  6. Great stuff BOB, your cloud mods are fantastic, quick question..in cloud fog off or on in workshop? Does it make much difference regarding any popping / flashing ? Cheers pal.
  7. Tech support

    Dont post it here Doctor, and im only a member. You could perhaps send Polovski a PM he might get notifications to his email and see it sooner. or contact support(at)overflandersfields.com
  8. Tech support

    Got mine less than 5 minutes of confirmation DoctorQuest, hopefully Pol il see your post and advise.
  9. BH&H II Videos Only

    Great stuff Robert, really enjoyed watching them mate.
  10. I agree Bob, knowing Blade he possibly thought it'd help sales to OBD if more people saw his reports regarding WOTR, but i can imagine it being a pain being site owner checking for links that could be scams\ phishing ect. Hopefully Blade will pop back Erik and get his postings up here at CA. He did a excellent job with his writeups.
  11. I’m not at the PC for another half hour but..have you tried toggling the autopilot Fanny? It may just be set on by default?? Try turning Autopilot on/off . Edit, also maybe try unplugging any sticks, then load a scenario or quick combat see if the issue still occurs
  12. Thanks for clarifying a few things Redwolf, il have a proper nosy later and give it a good going over. Many thanks for taking the time to not only test but also to report your findings..appreciated pal.

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