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  1. Yep i agree with you 100% Olham..and im really looking forward to what OBD can do with WOTR. Im getting my WW2 fix with IL-2 1946+ BAT at the minute. They,ve done a brilliant job. Anyways back to WW1. Christmas Eve 1916,what a vile day to fly in.
  2. You along with UncleAl and Hellshade were some of the 1st members that i had advice from on this forum Olham. Without guys like you i wouldnt have gotten into OFF and then WOFF. Your sound advice,reports and screenshots will always be fondly remembered. I too go away for a while but this sim has that "something" that drags me back. I hope your enjoying IL2 is it the Battle of Stalingrad? how you finding it? Take care pal,and hopefully we will see you in the air above Flanders soon
  3. Thanks Olham..i hope your well mate. Its been a while since ive been over here I still miss Combat Ace for all our OFF/WOFF postings Ah well. Take care Pal A few more. Fictional skin i believe by Raf Louvert. Thanks Lou
  4. Thanks mate,yep all good here. All of us have had the "Flu" virus that hit the uk (put me out for 10 days). Hope your enjoying flying Keith and im looking forward to OBD,s next project WOTR. Take care pal Best Regards
  5. Good to still see some comments over here. I too have been away for a while RL keeping me busy. I try and find time to fly at least once or more a week,still amazed at some of the things i continue to see in the sim. Also the great mods that keep coming and coming (love JJJ,s mission editor) keep me entertained. Good to see that your well Olham..and also to Keith (Hood) glad your well sir,my very best regards to yourself and your family. Take care all
  6. Andy im sure if you get in touch with support and give them your order number (should be in your email) then the guys at OBD (possibly for a small fee) could create a download link for you. Might be worth a try pal
  7. Hi Olham..thanks So far its not running too bad,ive yet to do a big 1918 campaign and yes it does slow down to about 30fps over airfields. ive took the shadow detail down a notch aircraft shadow at 4,terrain shadow 2. ive had a couple of random crashes to desktop that im going to keep my eyes on though,and also a few times it ends my missions prematurely which im also going to keep my eye on.
  8. The SE5a Viper..(SweetFX)
  9. Great news im so glad its working so well for you..and fantastic shots pal
  10. Thanks Olham..hope WOFF 3 is running well for you Yeah just starting a Gotha campaign..need to work on my bomb release,and i can tell you that Landing this beast was probably one of the most nerve racking things ive ever done in any sim
  11. Glad you got it,hopefully its all up and running ok ive had zero issues with mine Pal a few Gotha shots
  12. Haha yep Olham...i had the ground crew waxing it before take off This was on maximum Reflections and Glossiness (number 9) a bit more tinkering and il get it right,i agree at maximum settings it is a bit too much pal
  13. WOFF V3 DH4 Looks good dont it Still cant believe what theyve managed to achieve using the CFS3 engine Awesome Also guys ive put glossiness up to maximum in the new workshop settings..im going lower it and see how it looks then :)

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