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  1. Got my DVD right now ! 4 working days, faster than i expected
  2. OT: World of planes

    Yes, from what they've written it seems almost whole world will be available , it seems stunning, i wonder if it will be on big map from England to Japan and USA
  3. OT: World of planes

    Yes sounds online only which is good imo , OFF for offline and this for online :) I don't know about the DVD nor about payment, i have the info which you can read on their site.
  4. If i'm thinking correctly about the sim you are talking then i didn't even buy it from all the things i've read.
  5. While waiting on OFF dvd and playing Silent Hunter 3 i found this ! Key Features — Huge universe Detailed and huge locations reproducing the real state of the countries participated in World War II. Satellite imagery has been used as well as maps of 1930th-1940th years to adjust them to the historical authentic state. -Hundreds of planes in one game More than 100 models of planes, participated in air battles of war with hundreds of planes in each combat. The player can choose the side and upgrade or buy new planes for Germany (from early Bf-109 till early jets), USSR (including jet BI-1), RAF (from Spitfires to Gloster Meteor), Japan and USA. — Detailed damage model Unique technology allowing to visualize absolutely all possible damages that could be done to a plane, including even a scratch in any place; even angle of hit of each bullet is taking into account as well as all and consequences that could be caused by this bullet. — Unique Career mode Global career mode allowing player to choose one of sides and if lucky to bring victory to this side. All of your experience and all your planes could be upgraded and improved. Starting from the scratch you can become an Ace. — Real as life! For real hardcore simmers there will be a way to tune and fix your plane's engine with a «screwdriver». Now it is even more realistic than in a real life where there were technicians for that. — Best pilot? Combat is always going on, in a real time on a huge area of Eastern, Western, Pacific, and Mediterranean theatres of war. And the situation on the battlefield will be affected only by players. Countries can be defeated if all infrastructure and all ground armies will be destroyed. Pilots of victorious countries will get new ranks, and war will re-start again. It's expected that average duration of each war will be about 3 months. Game Info Gaijin Entertainment, highly acclaimed flight sim developer, is happy to announce new massive online game – World of Planes. World of Planes is a brand new, massive online game focused on flight simulation in the World War II era. «We kept this in secret for very long, and now we can finally reveal World of Planes! We have been working on it since 2009, and our experience with «IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey», «Wings of Prey» and «Apache: Air Assault» helps us to make really global online simulation game. All our experience and all our resources were involved in this new game. I’m sure that this game will take a worthy place in the hearts of gamers." — says Kirill Yudintsev, Chief Creative Officer of Gaijin Entertainment. Despite really new generation of much improved technology, the project will be also optimized for the average gaming computer: «It’s very important for us to keep the game playable comfortable by everybody because it’s online game. In the same time we are supporting all modern technologies and utilize power of modern PCs too» — says Kirill Yudintsev. Another key feature is the realism. In contrast to «Wings of Prey» where was 'Arcade' mode «World of Planes» will have no concessions for an inexperienced player. The developers promise the most realistic game that could impress even experienced virtual pilot.However, it is expected that the game will be suitable even for beginners, but how it will be achieved is a secret yet. http://gaijinent.com/en/games/world_of_planes/
  6. Ok, waiting on the DVD then.
  7. Not that i need it , but got one from HiTR after 5 mins, that's why i'm wondering where this one is. ;)
  8. Waiting on my receipt.
  9. What is 'OFF Forum Pilots' maps.' . Sounds scary , lol.
  10. Can't wait for the dvd already (got HITR , good that there were 3 downloads , because 1st one failed lol )
  11. I hope it will give me as much offline fun as i hope it will. Any info when i will get a HiTR download link ?
  12. My rig : athlon x2 4200+ 2.2ghz 4gb ram radeon 4670 512mb ram With phase 2 i was getting around 30-50 fps and stuttering while looking at airbase at close . cfs config was 3/5/2/2/3/1 I heard that CFS has hickups with amd dual cores? is that true ? any way to fix it ? is this problem in phase 3 ?
  13. Haven't played P3 yet, but this is one of most fun-immersive WW1 games for me :)
  14. Types of missions?

    Do scouts get alot of strafe/ballon busting/ bombing ground targets mission ? Because those interest me alot. I've read that the British used to bomb German submarines, is that in the game by any chance ?

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