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  1. Be very careful about installing this, apparently it may be corrupted. Wait until you hear an official word from Ubi.
  2. F-51's Over Korea

    There were other types of 51's in Korea also.....anyone guess what they were? :)
  3. Which Friday would that be? This coming one or some other one in the distant future?
  4. As far as I have been able to ascertain so far, there has never been any legal issues involving certain American aircraft manufacturers and the designers of the IL2 series of games. My assumption is that the whole 'legal problems' line was to buy time for 1C's sloppy management and poor customer relations in delivering the required patch/fix to bring PF up to speed. You can put it in the same file as the endless run of sick programmers, office relocations, dog ate my homework type arguments that 1C have been feeding people for 6 months now.

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