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  1. Radeon 9600

    I had that problem on my 6800, it turned out to be the power supply not supplying the juice needed to move the pixels in that card. Went out and bought me a Ultra X-connect 500 watt power supply and haven't looked back since. Thing that was peculiar to it is that it started with just 3d crashing then the whole system shut-down. Might want to look into your supply and see what your voltages are. The systems that I work on at work, had one of them with a 6200 nvidia, just go blank screen on me when the supply went, replaced and doing well. The voltages on it read fine, it was just under load that it was shutting down.
  2. Need some assistance

    Gotta make them wider due to the new costs and the costs after Rita. Figure 4.00 to 5.00 a gallon after that one due to all the oil rigs in the gulf in the region that she is going to pass through.
  3. Need some assistance

    Your not telling me anything I don't know there. I've been through a few nothing like andrew and hopefully not Rita. Looks like we might get a sideswipe, even that though is bad from a storm of this size. Sitting here watching the news and starting to wonder what the heck is going on, A cat 5 hurricane, a plane getting ready to crash land and a tornado in Minneapolis. What else can go on in one day..............................................................................
  4. Need some assistance

    With Katrina having just relocated my brother in law and his family from New Orleans and now having to stare down Rita's throught as she looks to do the same for alot of others including myself and my family. My only thoughts at this time is what have I done to warrant this. I have always thought of myself as being decent folk, Dag you can vouch for me. I'm not a bad person. Little stubborn, but not a bad person. Thanks for listening to my little rant, but I think it's more nerves than anything else. With my wife and mother in law in Corpus Christi, and myself being in Dallas for a school. Now got to go try and get out of school before it's done so I can get home and take care of my family. I'm more than a little worried here.
  5. 9600XT Upgrade

    I run IL2 at 1024x768 (darn 17" monitors) but it runs sweet at perfect settings unless it's a massive battle on a very large map. Averages about 40's or so dipping down to mid 20's. Because of the dipping I run at excellent most of the time w/ 4xAA. Drivers I'm not sure of right now, but I change drivers like underware. (Love the Beta Game). system is as follows A7N8X Deluxe version 2 AMD 2500+ at 2.2 Ghz (3200+ speed) 1 gig PC400 ram 80 gig worth of HD (mostly older tech at 7200rpm 2mb cache) BFG 6800 OC (16/6 w/ stock speed)
  6. The last time I did this, (some time ago) I installed in this order and everything worked like a charm. 1. FB 2. AEP 3. Pacific Fighters 4. 3.04m (the big one) I believe like 140 meg or so. 5. 4.01m Just make sure you get the patches with the m (merged install) Anybody if you see something not right, please speak up, but I'm pretty sure it is the correct order. Hope this helps. Chain
  7. 9600XT Upgrade

    I went from the 9600XT to the BFG 6800OC Vanilla card and was able to unlock the extra pipes from 12/5 to the 16/6 and it is an incredible difference. The higher details that it is able to run is very nice. The 6600GT's that I have seen also offer a nice move up from the 9600XT. The 9800XT is not really any better and in most situations worse off than the 6600GT.
  8. Thirdwire goes WWI!

    Amen to the US95th Kicking Mule skin and the N28, especially if it's equipped with one of them shredding upper wings. I'm game for dodging my upper again.
  9. First thing I would suggest is to adjust your sensitivity settings in game for roll/pitch/and yaw. I think by default they are set way too sensitive and for my x45 I use the following settings. X=0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100 Roll Y=0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100 Pitch Z=0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Yaw Play with'em for abit, everyones setup is different, but most of my spins went away when I made these adjustments. You can do a search at the pacific fighters forums at ubi or simhq, I believe Oleg had put out numbers to use also. Chain
  10. 6600GT help!

    Don't think perfect works in DirectX (not sure, but don't think so.). By the way I've got a 6800 OC Vanilla (16/6) and it runs PF great. 77.13 drivers here. XP2500 @ 2200 Mhz, 1 Gig PC3200 ram. Now if I could just get my new PSU to come in. X-Connect 500w on the way as the Antec SL430 I've got has a 5 volt rail headin south. Besides the 6800 says it requires 20 amps on the 12 volt rail and the antec only has 18. Graphic corruption only when I try to take it past 400/820 other wise it's been a dream.
  11. Wait all you want, IT IS the real patch. Just wasn't suppose to go live until tomorrow. I downloaded it before I read any forums ("Just the one that said the patch is out" and then I didn't read anyting just lookin for a link.) at the French site check six. The clouds and flight models are great. Haven't done much flyin, and probably won't as I don't mess with this thing that much anymore. Once the cat is let out of the bag, you'll never get it put back in. Grab it and enjoy Oleg and companies work. It's amazing. Besides, it's still alive link on the 1C site and Check Six site. So can't be too bad. If anything I feel kinda bad for Oleg as they stole his thunder. NEW UPDATE: From reading the forums at ubi, the new patch will be recompiled to be version 4.01, but will be able to be installed over the so called leaked patch. So if your waiting, time will be as usual 2 weeks from tomorrow.
  12. 4.0 was released today by accident, It was suppose to be released tomorrow. I found a link for it at SimHQ. 140 Meg in the merged install, not sure about the stand-alone.
  13. My gaming room setup.

    Looks great Chief. Wish I had the time or the money to put into something like that. Maybe in the future. How's that projector working out for ya.
  14. F-14's Galore

    Yep the kitty has it's own ladders. Caught a pilot falling off of one of those once. Got me a beer out of it.
  15. Newbe .

    Welcome aboard, PF, Lomac flyer myself. As far as FS9 goes, well it's okay for an occaisional flight, but if it ain't got guns, it ain't worth flying.

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