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  1. Any plane modders have objections?

    Thank you Stephen for your response. I will not use your planes for WOFF.
  2. Any plane modders have objections?

    Crawford, I wish I could, but all their aircraft are copyright and they do not allow their use inside other games. I could get into legal trouble. FE, however has "free" planes made by modders which have not such copyright or I can't find it. I guess then my only course of action would be to send individual emails and wait for the mod authors to respond. If I don't get any responses within a certain time frame, then I'll use the models with all credits given and all that stuff.
  3. Any plane modders have objections?

    I'm glad it's entertaining. On a side note, I've managed to somehow make that plane flyable inside WOFF. Well, now that changes the equation and the perfect marriage is possible between two of my most beloved sims.... If only I can get a consensus, otherwise, I'll just use them for my own personal enjoyment.
  4. Hi to all Aircraft Modders, Rather than send each of you a PM, I thought to post this out there and see if anyone objects to my use of their plane MOD in WOFF UE. I'm able to convert the models for static planes in WOFF UE. Also, I don't have the ability or experience to model the aircraft's flight. see this thread at simHQ (I purposely did not include the plane's author so he doesn't get spammed with PMs): http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4367098/walking-the-dog-animation-wip#Post4367098 In the spirit of MODDing, all aircrafts will have credit given to the author and used as a free mod only. That will be made explicitly clear in the readme and on the thread. I will not make any alterations to the model, except to fit/resize into the WOFF setting. If you all agree, then I will go ahead with the conversions. Or please let me know otherwise.
  5. Open cockpits in the rain?

    I apologize that I missed your interesting reply. I am from Egypt. We drive crazy (rain and dry) and within inches of one another almost like India.
  6. If time and budget are the issue for OBD, then focus should be on improving the simulation with the current planes in the three critical areas. Like AI, FM and DM to make it as real as possible. Since majority of gameplay will be in the air. Then the focus can switch to improving single player campaign like OFFice did for OFF. Last final update can be a Universal Editor to easily add/modify aircraft, terrain and objects. Kindda like the steam workshop.
  7. Open cockpits in the rain?

    Interesting discussion. I wonder if there were other compounded effects that could happen in rain like goggles getting fogged or even hiding behind that windscreen without a wiper? I can't drive at 100mph in the rain without a wiper.
  8. Armchair Aces updated!

    Ok. So now I've got FE2 to where I now like it a lot after following ojcar's excellent instructions on the Armchair aces redux MOD. Also, I've done some additions of different engine sounds to all the aircrafts from other FE mods. I've been playing WOFF and RoF, but it doesn't satisfy my WW1 gaming needs like FE2's great modding community has done. I do have a couple of areas of concern so far.... 1) Pilot kills. It seems like when I encounter an ace ai, they kill my pilot in one shot. It is possible that I'm a bad virtual pilot, but I'm used to seeing blood splatter effect to know that at least I'm injured before I get killed. Is there anyway to get this effect or at least make my pilot withstand a few more bullets before getting killed? 2) None of the WW1 airfield figures, officer cars, maintenance objects are showing on the airfield like they do in the Eastern Front Campaign. What could I be doing wrong? Salute and a big thumbs up to all the modders who made this sim so wonderful to play.
  9. Armchair Aces updated!

    Ok. I managed to get most of the planes from A-Team. Another question I have is about the campaign play.... I'm enjoying the campaign missions a bunch and I know that the ultimate goal is survival until the end of the war. However, there are a few general questions I have regarding how you guys play the campaign: 1. Since you cannot crash into ground objects, do you just imagine that you've crashed and end your pilot's career if you pass through a building or tree? 2. The enemy AI is great, but do they ever run away when outnumbered or injured or is it a fight to the death? Also, the engine sound seems to cut off and on again when landing or taking off (full throttle). Is this a limitation of the game engine or is it a problem on my end? Salute, Buddy
  10. Armchair Aces updated!

    I really would love to get into this game, but I'm missing some plane models. So, is there anyone willing to share their downloaded models from A-Team Skunkworks? They're very rude to me and not responding to my requests to gain access
  11. Olham is right. That is not normal behavior. Did you check the mission log file. It has the squad morale determined at the begining of each mission. This could be a factor. Here is an example of my wingman's condition at the start of the mission: <Unit ID="9571" Type="RAF_BE2c_SQ1" Skill="2" Morale="6" Payload="0" FuelPct="85" AmmoPct="100" PilotFirstName="Robert" PilotLastName="Bernard"/> Very low skill with average morale. I'd say he would jump ship at the first sign of trouble. If it's not the case with your situation, then I'm stumped.
  12. WOFF Installation

    Sorry, to hear about your internal struggle, and hope that you're able to resolve it soon. But just out of curiosity you're hesitant about ??? low end system, installation steps, becoming addicted and having no life once you start playing.....????
  13. This is way too cool. I like the authenticity of the mission briefing and it really brings this sim back in time with your breifings. Would it be too much to ask to do this the way you did for OFF (active sectors/non active sectors, dates 1915 to 1918)? I know it took you a while to get it all done, but man, this would be awsome in WOFF
  14. File Name: Buddy1998 Modified DM File Submitter: Buddy1998 File Submitted: 07 October 2012 File Category: Aircraft Models This DM is a bit different from my other one. All that I did was to lower each of the probabilities to hit most parts of the aircraft (see Change Log). Nothing else was changed or altered. Just drop in your JSGME mod folder, then activate the mod. happy hunting. Click here to download this file
  15. Buddy1998 Modified DM

    Version 2.2


    This DM is a bit different from my other one. All that I did was to lower each of the probabilities to hit most parts of the aircraft (see Change Log). Nothing else was changed or altered. Just drop in your JSGME mod folder, then activate the mod. happy hunting.

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