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  1. John Kerry GAME???

    Pardon me if I'm wrong, but the site says that Kerry earned the "Navy's second-highest honor." Would that not be the Navy Cross, and the Medal of Honor be the highest? Or is the CMOH considered in a class by itself and the Navy Cross the highest honor for the Navy? Just a technical question...Not that I'm going to pay to play this stuff anyway..Like I said before, unbelievable...And firehawkordy...
  2. John Kerry GAME???

    Anyone have info or a link to more info on this game? Unbelievable...
  3. Formating On Ai Aircraft

    I believe it was on avsim.com, it's in the markings of a North Dakota ANG F-101. If you can't find it on avism, try fsfreeware.com. Search for Voodoo, F-101B, or NODAK. One of them should find it for you... If you still need help let me know. It's a fun aircraft to have!
  4. Formating On Ai Aircraft

    Don't worry Jinks, you're not alone...I routinely take off in a high performance military fighter (usually the F-101 Voodoo or F-15C that I have) and buzz by and form up on airliners, just for kicks. I had seen a screenshot a while ago from someone who had an RCAF Voodoo and managed to form up and "escort" a Russian "Bear." Looked really cool. Anyone know how I can get this to happen on FS 2004? Thanks...
  5. New F-14b Tomcat For Fs2004

    Thanks Chief! And yes, I do have a high-speed connection, so it should be up shortly...
  6. New F-14b Tomcat For Fs2004

    NavyChief, Looks very nice...Do you have a link for it? Thanks!
  7. Glacier Girl P-38

    PG Raptor, Do a search for Glacier Girl under the FS2004 category at avsim.com. A pack of three P-38s (including "Glacier Girl") will result...I would think this is the one that Boltz mentioned... Haven't tried it yet but it looks great in the picture provided on the site...If this isn't the right one, I'm sure Boltz will steer us in the right direction.
  8. Hmmm...I'll definitely have to consider it...Might not be around at 8, but a little later, sounds like fun.
  9. What Music Evokes Flying To You The Most?

    I'd definitely have to agree with the BoB soundtrack...
  10. A-10

    Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!
  11. A-10

    Shameless self-bump ;) and also wondering if anyone had found an A-6 (or EA-6) or F-14 that looked good on FS2004... Thanks again in advance...
  12. Navychief, Look...

    Wow! That RA-5C looks pretty sweet...Hope someone makes it for FS2004.
  13. Thermaling

    Hey Mudd, I flew gliders for a while too before I started flying powered. They gave me a lot of great experience that I could put to use in my flight lessons (basic airmanship, landings, etc.), so much so that I was able to greatly shorten the time to earning my PPL. I have gliders (and my great instructors) to thank for introducing me to flight. Flew at Harris Hill for the Snowbird contest (spot landing) a few years, had a great time.
  14. A-10

    Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone has been able to find a good A-10 for FS2004 yet. Any help, links, etc, would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. your favorite aircraft..

    Hey Mudd, I tried getting to that FTP site you mentioned, but it said I was not allowed to access the folder...If we can't find a way around it, not a big deal, I can wait until we get them loaded up here. Thanks...

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