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  1. The New Strutter in Town

    A stunningly gorgeous skin there Slarti. Truly fitting for the days when "Men were real men, women were real women....and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri". Huge fan myself, btw. But not of the travesty of a movie.
  2. Totally OT My FSX Skin

    Cracking job mate. Glad you got it sorted.
  3. Thanks for the inlcusion Olham, but it's Scouseair68......you missed the "e". It's a kind of pun, you see. People from Liverpool are known as scousers. So that became scouse-air in honour of my love of all things aerial. Thanks in advance. :) Scouseair68
  4. Yes Olham, red and white barberpoles are still used by some barbers in Britian. And the more I think about it, please upload that beauty when you have finished it. It is a stunner. Nice job nbryant, you keep getting better and better. Lou, that Brisfit of yours has been a favourite of mine. Nice to see it again. Hellshade, that is a real butt clenching moment if ever I saw one!
  5. Some wonderful stories and shots you've posted lately Olham. Lovely wide pick of the Argonne there. And that is a fine skin in the last pics. I love the touch of not making the wheel stripes match. If I saw that machine coming towards me I would think two things. "Lovely work old boy", and "I need a haircut".
  6. Not tried skinning myself....yet, but a good place to ask for advice for FSX would be the forums at Simflight.com . Especially the screenshot forums. They're a great bunch and do some beautiful work. Hope this helps.
  7. Excellent shots VonOben. Seldom have I seen a more atmospheric shot than "Heading Home"
  8. Great spot Rabu. Received it today and it is definitely worth the seven quid.
  9. Ah, one of my favourite subjects. Was even a member of CAMRA (The campaign for real ale) for a couple years. I got to sample a lot of the UK's bitters, brown ales, stouts and ciders during various beer festivals and many trips (pilgramages?) across the country. So I can mentions a few favourites. Close runners up. (Off the top of my head) Guinness, Scrumpy Jack, Owd Roger, Old Tom, Moonraker, Nukey Brown, Merry Monk, Brains SA and (bottled) most of Wychwood Brewery's range (special mention for Hobgoblin). A cracking trio of winners. Theakstons Old Peculiar, Theakstons XB and Marstons Pedigree. (Haven't tried Spitfire yet)
  10. It never fails to amaze me the screenies you guys pull off. Lou, that first shot....the way the failing sun lights the flank of your D7 is sublime. Olham, your reports and acompanying shots are always a joy to read/see. And your 'Burgundy Baron' looks very fine. Don't recall seeing that colour scheme anywhere before. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming 7000th post
  11. Devs: possible little bug?

    Grats Widowmaker, *sniff* kinda feels like the end of an era.....
  12. Wow, you got Collishaw Olham. He'll be out for revenge now! Great pics all and good stories Olham. Vyrago that's a rare talent you've got there. That DH-2 pic is stunning, definite desktop wallpaper. As is the Albatross
  13. Hmmmm! Crumpets!

    You guys need a good plate of scouse. Stick with the northern grub. The southern softies only know about cooking up the prices
  14. Note the absence of the word "Simulator" this time around. Plus they sacked the entire ACES team. For years MS has concentrated almost exclusively on their console. What kind of game will they make for this "pc exclusive"...and for how long will it remain so. I think this can best be summed up by a sarcastic comment on the SimHQ forums..."I wonder if it will be the left or right thumbstick to control the aircraft...." Hope I'm wrong, I really do.
  15. Thanks for the info and pics Olham. Definitely one for the pages of Fortean Times. It has sharp, pointed teeth and long floppy ears..... It's only a little white rabbit!!! Gaaaaaarghhh.
  16. Great shots all. Olham, let us have a closer look at your Wulpertinger skin. Sounds fascinating. Is it a Germanic legend? Like the Greek Chimera maybe.
  17. Well done there Mike. A cracking set of shots!!!
  18. Great shots all. Well chosen view WM
  19. A shooting twitch???? Er....Guilty
  20. Hell's Jester

    Fantastic work BH. A real treat for the eye.
  21. Great shot Tranquillo Olham, the "Happy Birthday" was due to your "cure for anti aging" comment. I thought you were using OFF to distract yourself from the passing of another year. My mistake. So...Happy Un-birthday!!!
  22. Happy 4th of July!

    Aye, Happy Fourth to all Americans....especially to those who Serve and can't be home with their families. Have a good'un.
  23. Nice screenies Olham. And also Happy Birthday

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