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  1. Sleek and sweet! Outstanding work
  2. Still can't directly post images, so again, using the media library share feature... Philippine Air Force L-39ZA (my WIP skin, based on the S-211s PhAF operates IRL)
  3. 13. Is it just me, or are the friendly tanks no longer send out "we're under attack, request assistance" messages?
  4. Trying out Dels' new Nighthawks. Can't seem to attach my screenies here so I'll link the relevant pics here from my gallery: Ready for covert mission Just passin' through... Can anyone guess which game those lines came from?
  5. It would be good if TK decides follow the style of Team Daidalos of IL-2 Sturmovik, by hiring a trustworthy third-party team who would continue on developing and improving SF's for PC. BTT, it's great to have manual target designation to put PGMs on what you want, where you want, especially on those birds on the ground, although I'm afraid such a feature (like other stuff such as IFR) wouldn't be on TK's agenda. Hmmm, hex editing the game? Isn't that a shady thing?
  6. WBS's Sovremenny's are simply great!
  7. ^ Looks like an F-13 to me :p --------- One tough Beagle
  8. MiG-19P/PF cockpit

    Holycow, excellent work out there Stary!
  9. Throwback Thursday (taken more than a year ago ):

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