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  1. Tried it exactly as said with proper spelling and correct name of file and now it kicks me back to desktop. I took out the terrains folder altogether to make it vanilla again and still kicked me back to desktop. I think I'm going to have to reinstall the game from scratch. The kicker is many moons ago I believe I had this game and had that exact mod installed and it worked.
  2. It's ok. I tried that. Created a Terrian folder to put with the other 5 folders then copy and pasted the files from the green hell download into it and still no joy.
  3. Ok, all I have is the stand alone strike fighters 2 Vietnam game. I downloaded the green hell mod but am at a loss at where to put the folder. I have controls, missions, objects, pilot data and screenshots and that's it. I made a mod folder and put the green hell folder in that but no joy. I then deleted the mod folder and just created a Vietnam sea folder with all the info in that. No joy again. Currently the trail looks like this: Users/my name/saved games/thirdwire/strikefighters2 Vietnam/then the above 5 folders... Anyone have the same problem? All I've been able to find is merged games, not just stand alone strikefighters 2 Vietnam. Regards.
  4. Thank you Sir! Worked like a charm!
  5. Hello all. I followed a gentleman on youtube who posts Strike Fighters 2 : Vietnam videos which are really good. I thought I would buy the game, but for some reason can't get it to work on my Windows 10 despite him saying he could get his to work on it. The splash screen works, I'm able to change screens to options and that kind of stuff but when I fly I get the black screen of death. I can hear the plane flying and can hear it even throttle up when I use my joystick throttle, but still no picture. I have windows 10 and use Geforce 1060 video card which the game recognizes. Any ideas? Regards...
  6. Well thats embarrassing. I should have just dug in further. thanks guys.
  7. I own Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam and was wondering if there is a mod or mission editor out there that one can use to practice just carrier landings? Thanks....
  8. Ok thanks for the info wrench. From going to the knowledge base it looks like I just create a folder titled Mods correct? I then drop any mods folders inside it and the game should recognize it. The skins looks easy to do, I just check the readme that comes with each skin so that should be good to go. I do have a question though about aircraft carriers. can someone recommend the best carrier mod to download. I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of different mods to install and might have missed something. I'm looking for a carrier that has more aircraft on its deck and maybe some deck crew on it too. Thanks..
  9. Thanks Roger that did it. I take it if I want to add aircraft skins I need to drop them in the Objects/Aircraft/Type of plane folder? I downloaded the F4 skin pack but am unsure if it works ingame yet. I'm mostly interested in the sundowners and jolly rogers F4 skins. "I use "4" and "6" as select Next/Prev radar target and "5" to select target" I will use this also so i can free up some more keys on my joystick. As i said before I just want to dogfight Migs and not have to worry about air to ground stuff just yet. Any other suggestions for the game?
  10. Maybe I'm not looking hard enought but I am not finding a mod folder in my thirdwire/Strike Fighters 2 folder. The only folders I have are core, DLC, DX_redist, flight, manual, menu, Objects, Speech, Terrains, and util.
  11. Yeah, I forgot to say I have trackIR all hooked up and good to go. Any thoughts on how to change the keyboard commands I made back to default so I can start over again?
  12. I am new to this game and wanted everything set to easy mode until I get the hang of things. I set various command functions to my joystick (logitech 3D Pro) but would like to change them, the trouble is I have no idea how to revert back to the default settings. Can anyone help me? Lastly, Can anyone tell me which commands on easy mode are absolutely must haves. There is a slew of radar commands and targeting commands, but I'm unsure what to choose. I only have 12 buttons on my joystick. Thanks...
  13. Can someone give me a more specific guide to where I can find the DetailMeshSize. I've looked all over in the SF2 folder and can't seem to locate it. I have the game patched to it's latest version. Thanks

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