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  1. This is a Luftwaffe flight stick reproduced is resin and aluminium. It sports 5 completely wired buttons. The trigger springs up into a safety. The overall length is 65cm, about 25-26 inches long. The stick is perfect for a DIY flight stick project which I never managed to get to. I originally purchased the grip from a well-known German sim equipment maker. The stick has never been used. I have it up for sale on Ebay starting at $199 which could be a bargain for someone. However, I'm just looking to cover my original purchase price against a strong Euro. $325 and it's yours now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201438277421?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Am willing to cut the alu post to your specifications to reduce shipping costs. Actual shipping costs, no gouging. Pick up in Phoenix, AZ area welcome. Any questions? Please inquire.
  2. WWII Parachute Release

    I've got what I think is a WWII era parachute release. The classic twist & punch to shrug off your harness and silk. Unlike the few others I've seen, this release has all four tabs which attached to the harness webbing. Something I learned, only three of the harness points fall away. Pilots had to step into, or out of, the remaining loop of strap. I've attached some piccies. I saw this sale for a release on Ebay, without tabs, go for 140-some US dollars. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WWII-Part-Irv...id=555846558262 Make me a reasonable offer. If you'd like more photos or have questions, email me. This piece gets sent from Down Under and weighs roughly 800g. Shipped to North America under $30 USD. Shipped to Europe under 30 euros. Paypal or bank transfer's best for me. Cheers, Colander Check back later in the week. I'll be posting Korry switches and some 737 panel parts.
  3. My new Joystick!

    MD, I see that the stick uses the great Bodnar USB card. What is the make of the Hall sensors? I dead curious as I have never seen such a flat profile in a Hall sensor profile. Any chance to make out the ID information on the pots? My suspicion is that Hall sensor flow meters have been ingeniously repurposed! Cheers, FC
  4. My new Joystick!

    Thanks for following up, M.D. Great set of pictures. Just what I was hoping for. The construction is rock solid! Do you think the set up has enough room underneath to swap in springs for elastic bands? This stick is very, very tempting. Cheers, Flying Colander
  5. My new Joystick!

    I'm especially curious as I thought I might take the plunge and "invest" in a Spadegrip Short Stick. Just wanted to have a good idea of the gimbal. For some reason a number of new sticks are entering the market at the high end. Lots of engineering talent out there. Cheers, FC
  6. My new Joystick!

    MDUK, Looks great! Can you lift the veil for us and take off the leather gaiter? What does the gimbal system look like? I understand SPITSIM is finally using hall effect sensors. How smooth is the action of the joystick? A pix would be greatly appreciated I'm sure. Cheers, Flying Colander

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