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  1. Well i want to usde it with the An12 i think it is but i dnt know how make it appear and how to set it up
  2. Man this mod looks real good but i have no knoledge on how to install it the readme has confused a bit lol
  3. Would anyone be able to make a Eurofighter Typhoon on a Tornado? Cus they are jst amazing planes!
  4. OK is there anyway to make the planes go at there actual speed because i know for a fact that most f-16s can go at mach 2 or jst unders which is 1322Knots and i can only get to 600 odd flying them so i was wondering is there any way u cud edit their values to make them fly at their actual speeds?
  5. thank u very much mate i have been trying to get this info for an age
  6. any one at all? plkz i really want to play online
  7. I have recently purchased SF Gold and i want to play online but when i go to multiplayer it only gives me the option to connect VIA LAN and i cannot play on the normal internet i also have Gamespy Arcade but it doesnt show up as one of my games so if u cuyd help me i wud be very happy

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