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  1. Thanks for the update link for the Aim-54 I'm sure it will help. I did try yesterday with the superpack install and only half of the missiles missed so it is better. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks supGen I'll give the superpack a go.
  3. Hi supGen, I'm not sure as I have the Mirage factory F-14a and F-14d. I had a look at my saved game folders and the NA version of the game doesn't sem to have a weapons folder whereas the AIM-54A folder appears in the standard and Europe version folders.
  4. Hi guys, I have tried to find someone else with this problem but to no avail. Basically I will use TWS to lock up to four targets (even one makes no difference) and then wait till the targets are within range with the 'hot trigger' light, I will then pickle the missiles and then watch as every one of them goes off into the direction of the targets. However they get scared at the sight of the bombers and fly right past and either blow up or dive into the ground. In fact the Russian bombers have such good ECM and chaff that even the Sparrows are scared off. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi, calling all experts. I have created a F-14 skin in 24-bit BMP and I cannot see it in game to check the skin for adjustments since it shows all black. I created the texture entries in the .ini file and the BMP names are correct to aircraft type, and even NazGhul has looked them but still no solution. I am willing to send the skin file as a RAR if anyone wants to check them. Thank you
  6. Update, my BMP files are indeed 24-bit. They are in RGB 8-bit mode in photoshop if that is the issue.....?
  7. Thank you, I think my BMP is not 24-bit so that could be it. Thank you
  8. Is there anywhere on this site where I can find a guide to skinning aircraft? I have made a Grim Reapers skin for the F-14 and when I try it out the aircraft is black all over, so I just need some one to confirm the BMP attributes and any file naming rules to get it to show up. Thank you
  9. Thanks guys, I did use the search function and strangely it didn't come up, but in any case I will repay you by doing some skins and give something back to the forums. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I've been searching high and low for a template but I just cannot find it. The frustrating thing is that I know one exist because I had it but it got deleted....doh!!! Anyone know where I can find it? Thank you
  11. Thanks guys, Macelena I didn't dive bomb from that height, the mission started airborne at that height and so without a bomb sight I then dove to the deck to bomb. I just thought that the F-111 would of had some sort of CCIP since bombing is this aircraft's bread and butter, and of course other add on aircraft do have CCIP working. From now on though I will adopt the method I use whilst flying the GR1 Tornado and that is below treetop height till near the target area where I will pop up to say hello and then drop a string of Snake eyes.:yes:
  12. Hi guys, I have the NATO fighters add-on and thought I'd have a go at some ground pounding with the F-111 since I don't normally fly it. The problem is that the HUD only shows a gunsight reticle and there is no CCRP or CCIP for delivering munitions, so I had to come down from about 15k to try and aim visually with very poor results. Apart from my obvious need to practice visual bombing, is there something I need to do to use the F-111 as it was intended? Thank you
  13. Oh sorry, what a dullard...
  14. Thanks eburger68, I assume you mean to re-install strike fighters from the beginning and start again?

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