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  1. Su-35BM - Skin

    is is only the skin.. its really hard trying to find the complete su-35bm.. i heard its different from inskyes su-35..
  2. Mig-15 / Mig-15 bis / Mig-17 cockpit

    only the gunsight shows.. i have installed it and did everything in the readme carefully.. does this requires expansion packs or patches? mine is not patched in the latest version..
  3. [Fictional] MiG-17PEV Fresco-C 'Abakarab'

    im really a fan of parani air force mods.. i hope you make su-27 anf mig-29 parani air force mods too!!!
  4. [Fictional] PAC P-221 Fishbed-C 'Eledira'

    nice mod!
  5. EAF MIG-17F Fresco, Fighter-Bomber Modification

    nice... now i can fly as the arabs in the six day war...

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