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  1. LOL Aren't you glad we get to go before europe? Seems like they're all set to sell this thing at the same time stateside.
  2. Idea For Mrmudd

    I like the idea. But can understand your reservations. Doesn't have to be $20 - just $3 a month. Just enough that you could bar entrance based on a credit card number - not an IP which isn't a good enough identifier. Also, I don't think its adolescents that are spoiling the online experience. Every poll (forum thread) that asks ages - its predominantly the over 30 crowd. You're seeing a very sad commentary on just what real people are really all about. I saw a post on the Ubi forum that I think everyone is referring to - saying that they were disappointed in the last video MM made. The guy got banned. Don't know what else you could do. The internet is a wild and whooly place - gotta have a pretty tough skin I guess. No matter what you do, someone's always gonna try to put a stick in your eye.
  3. Is that part of shock and awe? On the way out (or to the target) do the armed forces "intimidate" the country we're bombing? As a way of psychological warfare? (Not bashing the military - I think its a great idea - a great use of US taxpayer's money.)
  4. Have you noticed how the CBUs look when they detonate on the aircraft targets in the latest vid from MrMudd? They're GREY! Just like in the real world (hey, what a concept!). Cause for celebration, if you ask me. :D
  5. I wear glasses - that's one reason I'm a little hesitant. At the extremes the frames of my glasses (near my nose) start to interfere. I would want to try it before I buy it.
  6. Yeah - that's what I always thought. Its very sad.
  7. I always wonder what happens in those accidents where seemingly nothing went wrong - the guy just flew into the ground. Complete mystery what was going on in the cockpit. My dad was a pilot and I remember reading stuff about accidents and almost 100% of them are attributed to "pilot error." Maybe its stuff like that - grabbing for something, etc.
  8. LOL! Or sound power phone batteries! Or an HT punch! Or...(you follow up!) :)
  9. First off - I'm definitely not an expert on this stuff. But first, some Qs of my own. ARM? Anti Radiation Missile? Does that mean A-G or A-A? Reason I ask is - that looks like an A-A display. Something generated by the big sensor up front - the radar. You called it - you said a b-scope. I agree. HTS is A-G and is fed by a sensor other than the radar. Its not a b-scope - its more of the "God's eye" variety. I don't think the two are in the same class, for that reason. How sure are you that the vertical scale is distance? (I don't read Russian.) Could it be something else? Like frequency? Actually, I doubt it, but I've atleast got to ask. Because it is a b-scope, can we assume its for A-A? And if its A-A, does this mode indicate the emissions associated with oncoming A-A contacts? Just pure speculation here - I've never seen this stuff before in my life. What do y'all think?
  10. Hey - btw... Why can't we get that cool canopy effect on all the jets?

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