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  1. Ok, upgraded my old Vista machine to a machine running Windows 10. What are my liabilities and options in terms of my joystick options? Have used Saitek EVO, wireless and USB. Thanks
  2. With 'virgin' non-merged clean and patch game JUL 13, aircraft in Object files etc., not available in the game aircraft screen. What can I be doing wrong? Frustrated
  3. I do not know how to send the file structure. C:\SIMS Folder\Strike Fighters 2 GOOD FRIDAY 012315 JUL13\Objects Aircraft Decals GroundObject Guns Pilotdata Weapons I also have: C:\SIMS Folder\Strike Fighters 2E VIRGIN 081915 GOOD JUL13\Objects Aircraft Decals GroundObject Guns Pilotdata Weapons Does this help? I apologize, I am not really literate in SF2. Thank you Otto
  4. Monts later, I return without results in getting SF2 aircraft to appear on the single mission load screen. My last recent attempt was the TU-95, Buccaneer-S2B_1989, AH-64A. Relivant files appear in the 'Objects' files. Help is appreciated. Otto
  5. Looks like the Mig-15 is not $19.99, rather is $29.99 at checkout. What gives?
  6. Could there be an issue with the "AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI" not being read correctly?
  7. I really appreciate the response that you here make. I present to you the recent F4J upgrade to SF2, SF2E and SF2v. Really thought that it would present in the game. Many thanks for your time.
  8. SF2E standalone, AH64, A10C,B1B_03,CF104_72 and 76, F15E_04. SF2V, F104G, MIG21 PFM Thanks for your response
  9. My question is related but different. I have aircraft listed in Objects folder that do not appear in the game. SF2, SF2E, SF2I, SF2V, and merged. I have what I believe to be the correct folders; Flight, Menu, Object w/sub folders, nations.ini and valid years. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Cannot find out what this refers to, it is needed for certain aircraft add-ons. Also, is DLC Mirage IIIO a third party add-on? Thanks
  11. What resides within these Packs that is not already found in the individual aircraft's files?
  12. Somewhere I have lost the ability to map [customize] my control settings for both merged and non-merged SF2/SF2E/SF2I/STF2V. The mapping change is made, 'saved', but in the game, the changes made do not function. I have calibrated my Saitek Cyborg EVO settings without a change seen. The control default settings appear to reflect my changes. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. July 2013 is my patch level. I believe I understand your instructions, I will try later tonight. Thanks for your response.
  14. I don't know where this came from. In both my merged and stand alone SF2, SF2E games I found that my control settings did not function. I went to the Custom Settings only to find that none of my input would 'save'. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Thanks, that seemed to do the trick. I just wonder sometimes how I get into a problem like this one. Thanks again.
  16. I am having this same issue. Thanks in advance
  17. I am installed SF2 merged. When I open any of the 3 games [sF2, SF2E, SF2I, or SF2V] my menu screen is in large blocks. After searching in the blind, I can get the game runwith video settings, 1024x768/32. What is up? Second issue is with my weapons selected in the cockpit showing the weapon in 'que'. Any help will be appreciated. PS - I have SF2 that runs fine in another / separate file.....
  18. I have the following issues in SF2 merged applications, SF2, SF2e, SF2i and SF2v: * no display of what weapons are selected in the cockpit * not able to see the radar range display in the cockpit * not able to use the mouse to view aircraft views using the F6 key Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks
  19. It appears that I have resolved the resolution issue on the menu screens SF2 merged. * Make sure that all of the SF2 merged files have the same height and width dimentions in the options.ini files. * Made certain the the file structure in the MOD files are identical in structure. * Insure that the files do not contain unneeded content. I still have the issues of not: * being told what weapons are selected in the cockpit * not seeing the radar range display in the cockpit * not being able to use the mouse to view aircraft using F6 Getting there slowly but surely, being presistant helps
  20. I appreciate your interest, have read the KB and will pursue getting the error fixed. I will post my findings when I resolve the problem.
  21. I forgot to mention that I did do a search on the director for options.ini and only had the SF2, SF2E, SF2I and SF2V. I looked at the files I received from TW and it appears the option.in. files are built during in install? Thanks again
  22. Sounds like a good option. Where do I find the options.ini file? I have looked but have not found the file. Thanks for your reply and patience.
  23. Just trying to buy download FC3. Can I not use a valid Master Card / Visa? Pretty frustrating.

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