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  1. Hello , i have a serieus question.. about wat too do.. my orginal lock on cd is broke. brought it on a second hand market. few weeks ago but after i want to remove the cd the dvd tray closed and cd get between it now its got a nasty scarf on it and it won't copy all the files after that even on a other pc. thank god it happend after a proper install and lucky after the patch no cd needed. but i want to buy flaming cliff 1.1 <my pc is not up to version 2 , 1 is good can play but 2 have too much requirement> can i use a iso for new install to install a bought flaming cliff 1.1 <download or cd> or do i need to buy a new lomac cd? here in the netherlands i can't find a store that have a copy of lomac. or even flaming cliff 1 or 2.. can somebody help me out.. greatings from the netherlands
  2. Hallo Flyboyz.. I wanna know if there is a mission editor/builder for Battle of britian 2 does anybody know if there is 1 or more? many thx
  3. yes instant action.. sorry the first post i named it indeed dogfight but i mean instant action. seiran Posted Today, 06:47:26 AM i all ready got the f-14-a as default plane for instant action.. was one of my post later.. Gepard thx you very very much. thats helpful i can work on that. if i dont mention before thx you
  4. okay, but what file is the file where they keep that data.. for instant flight/dogflight?? that u mean with do it yourself with notepad. mission making is not the problem.. its allmost the same as falcon 4.0. but my dogfight is too easy.. and now i mention where can i change the weapon loadout for the dogfight? what files do i need to change for all of this that i want?
  5. i used to change the default plane .. KMD editor
  6. i all ready got the f-14-a as default plane for instant action.. but i wanna change the other planes 2.. i use the map battle of brittain 70. now i fly with a f-14-a against mig 21 and all other old mig planes.. thats lame and easy.. no challenge but i know that the mig 29 is a good plane also like the su-27 thats more of a challenge
  7. well i wanna fly with my f-14-a tomcat against mig 29 and SU-27 and the mig 23 and the mig 27 with the f-16 helping me/team mates and f-15 and f-18
  8. hello guys i have a simple question.. how to change the dogfight planes? wings over europe greetings from holland

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