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  1. What Do You Want More??

    I'd like to see the weather/ terrain modelled more accurately than other Sims. Very harsh South Atlantic swells. Also I think the unforgiving terrain of the Falklands is important to model for immersion Thanks
  2. My Favorites Airplanes Of The Comflict.

    I didn't mean to offend anyone with my comment earlier, but personally I have doubts as to the extent of the damage on HMS Invincible. About one sailor dying: I'd say a lot more would have died if the damage on the Invincible was as widespread as claimed. Invincible not being sold to Australia: Many ships were spared the scrap yard after the war, it was a wake up call. And having new parts fitted to the Invincible, I don't think that shows it was bombed. Ships often spend long periods in refit after deployments. As to the other points - let's wait and see until files are declassified. PS my favourite aircraft of the war was the Sea Harrier
  3. My Favorites Airplanes Of The Comflict.

    Is that picture a joke?
  4. Aircraft don't need to be sub sonic to drop bombs. Many aircraft, such as the Tornado IDS and the F-111 were designed specifically to drop ordnance at supersonic speeds.
  5. October or September still aren't Winter 2003.
  6. Well UBI say it's going to be released in Winter 2003. I think they will have a better idea than anyone else. Also www.amazon.co.uk has LO-MAC listed as a December release.

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