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  1. Idea For Mrmudd

    S! Go for it, MM! Godspeed!
  2. This oughta be a sticky! :D
  3. What category??? Wouldn't it be better if we all voted in the same category?
  4. I dunno - kinda looks okay to me. What you see in the vid is from quite a distance and the view is fleeting - but it looks good to me. I think I'd be happy with the explosions we see right there. No need for improvements imo.
  5. Ya! NOW we're talkin. I like these the best so far. Would be nice to get some more close-up shots, though.
  6. For some reason I thought you had to be subsonic to drop bombs. Not missiles (a2a), but definitely bombs. Am I crazy? Or was this just "fun" in the video?
  7. I wouldn't think it prudent normally, though. Aren't cities ordinarily guarded by air defense sites? Or at least a higher likelihood of finding them there than out in open expanse of land?
  8. Hey, MJ... What do the Pat shots look like? Do those missiles really get up and go? From the Desert Storm news footage they looked awesome. I notice in these sequences the missile is turning right away. In the footage I remember the Pats would go mostly straight for quite a while. And do the sonic boom effects apply to them as well?

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