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  1. Is there ANY AH64D study sim?

    Combat Helo looks like it's a long long ways off if it's coming at all, the only study sim I'm at all even remotely interested in is one for the AH64. Is there anywhere I can get an at least mostly authentic AH64 gameplay?
  2. Gonna have to re-purchase HITR

    Can't you just find the download link in the old email or something? You shouldn't have to repurchase the game, if so then that's messed up.
  3. Evolution

    My first flight sim.
  4. I haven't seen any movie with good air combat scenes or enjoyable out of combat story.
  5. FM question

    No I mean pushing forward on the stick = instant loop.
  6. Lol derpity derp, my bad.
  7. Numbers are usually listed before numbers so they're be #1 in the phonebook!
  8. "123 ABC" works for me.
  9. FM question

    Negative G pitch is the worst, you can do a negative G loop faster than a positive G loop, that seems ridiculous to me.
  10. Okay, no problem I just wanted to know. I'll try what you mention next time I play.
  11. It's not like I'm trying to look at spots I shouldn't be looking at, simply angling my view down or looking in the direction of the N17's rockets makes them disappear, if seeing rockets and the flat prop disc is going to bring my framerate down then something else is wrong here ;P
  12. Are you sure you aren't confusing "pop-in" with "popping"? This seems to me like a different issue than pop-in, which is something that occurs for a various number of reasons, such as the distance at which you can see detail objects or for things like Unreal engine you have texture pop-in where it takes time for the textures to load in when your each a new scene, but that stuff isn't like the issue I'm having, like with the N17 rockets, they're five feet away from me in game but if I angle my head down a bit they disappear.
  13. I haven't experienced the disappearing geometry in any game before, I noticed it with the rockets on the N17 earlier too, it's quite a bother.
  14. It's alright, I'll just use time compression, I prefer that to time skip.
  15. Okay thank you Pol that answers my questions, much appreciated and very much looking forward to OFF2.

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