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  1. VERY impressive demo isnt it!. The sounds on it are amazing and the FX's are good even on my low end machine.
  2. OR.....you could just let us borrow your beta CD?: :twisted: hehe. I don't know if there's a shot avaliable (i know i havent seen it) of any defence from an airfield yet either? Agent
  3. It's possible yes, however, look how much time they spent on the current demo. This is already complete and creating a further demo would only give people more options as to if they should buy the game or not as well as possibly delaying the full game even more due to the amount of time that would be spent on the 'new' demo. Agent
  4. Describe your job.

    Im new to these forums so....hi :D. Im at college at the moment but also work at Waitrose on the service counters. Agent

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