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  1. I recently upgraded my machine to an ASUS /ATI 3850x2 video card with the 8.6 version of Catalyst, DX10, and Windows Vista home premium service pack 1 32bit with a Core 2 Duo 6550. The glitches I have are the exhaust smoke is magenta the clouds look extremely pixlated at a good distance and sometimes disappear when I fly through them. The horizon also seems to pixelated. I have maxed out all settings so low-res is not the issue. Anyone have any ideas. TIA Richard
  2. I can't seem to get into Column 5's site- can anyone tell me what's up? TIA Richard
  3. Dangerous Waters Contest

    Free? Ok.
  4. News of the Wierd

    edit now we'll have morbidly obese everquest players and lawsuits will no doubt follow!!
  5. Ok said goodbye to SimHQ

    Depends on who you want to draw in...
  6. From an Army NCO to an Air Force NCO, thank you very much and hooah!! Richard Douglas SSG US Army
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a little trouble with the SF:P1 campaign. When the my squadron is supposed to upgrade aircraft it doesn't. For example, I have been flying the F-100D and am supposed to upgrade to the F-104G it doesn't- I have tried in the loadout screen to change the plane, but I can't access any other plane than the F-100D. I already have patched it and my system specs are as follows: 950 Mhz Duron 256 MB RAM 160 GB HDD GeForce 2 MX400 64mb Win98SE DirectX 9.0 Any help is greatly appreciated Richard Douglas

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