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  1. If your referring to Knights of the Sky as based on the IL2 engine, the sim isn't... They have actually join forces with Strict and have come up with their own engine... This is certainly a much better direction as the IL2 engine is antiquated.. That engine doesn't really lend itself to a lot of modern day functions that GT has employed, They've implemented in the Alpha (Speed Trees and Advanced Shaders just to name a few).. So now were all waiting for the demo which should be released sometime this summer, and should be quite amazing .. Blaze
  2. Radeon 9800 XT 256 Meg FOR SALE

    Dude you can get a new one in from New Egg for about the same price.....
  3. I had more time today to look into the Russian web site..... Actually I tried to post on it but couldn't..... I think you'll need to register to do that...... So yes there is an english version there but it appears that registering and logging in are in Russian which I'm not fluent in..... Allthough, there are several famillar sigs posting there in english... I think I'm going to surf the forums to try and contact some of these guys and PM them and try to find out how they were able to register..... Anyone have any addional information about this???? ~S~ Blaze
  4. If you look a little deeper into the Russian forum (If you're flying Lockon, Russian shouldn't intimidate you by now) you'll find that there's an addional forum link that's actually set up in English and is moderated by one of the developers.... Hummmm...I wonder if this is the forum that we have been waiting for these last few months???? Even if it's not the developers are answering questions about Lock on in English.. Very cool.............. ~S~ Blaze
  5. It seems like the Lock on Forum is closed down again..... I've been posting there for about two years....... I remember with the old software there were many problems but when UBI changed over to the new web site there were very few problems, that is untill now.... It must be a sign of the times if you know what I mean...... It really is getting harder and harder to really start any worth while threads there now anyway, what with all of the whineing going on. It's now similar to the IL2 Forum and has been heading in that direction for quite some time...... I can also remember when I first began posting there how a lot of really interesting information was being disclosed and also how civilized the pilots were at that time, well that seems to have disappeared unfortunatley..... The other thing that seems to be happening is all the threads are being high jacked by Falcon fanatics who seem to be basically trying to sell Fighter Ops..... All well and good but I'm really more concerned with Lock on and Eagle Dynamics next steps thank you..... This Forum still seems to have maintained law and order, thank you Biohaz..... ~S~ Blaze
  6. Lock on Web site

    It looks like UBI must have gotten some heat about this... I checked out the Lock on general forum this morning and it looks like everything is back on and all of the posts have returned..... Its ok Eagles forum will be available soon...... ~S~ Blaze
  7. Is everyone aware that UBI seems to have pulled the plug on the Lock on general forum.... Eagle announced this on that forum this morning that they will be opening there own web site in about 2 weeks... I guess it was just too much for UBI to take..... Can anyone elaborate on this <_< ~S~ Blaze
  8. Ok.... I've just purcased an AMD 64 3200 and I'm building a whole new system around this..... So I'm going to wait untill thats completed and then I'll install Strike Fighters... Thanks for all your time I'll keep you posted... ~S~ Blaze
  9. Nvidia 5950U & Nvidia 5600

    HI; I'm really interested in these GPU's .... But I've just got 2 question's are they used and why are you selling them... Blaze
  10. Amd

    Ok Cool: I'll keep you posted.... The package should be here soon but I still need a few other things ... Any way things are starting to getting exciteing again... ~S~ Blaze
  11. Amd

    Ok.... I finally got a AMD 64 3200 plus the matching Asus mobo .... I work in retail and AMD was running they're yearly promo which of course is the above hardware.... So any way I placed my order tonight and luckily they still had some left... What a relief I had been waiting for something like this for about a year... But the pressure really wount be off untill I finally recieve it which sould be in about 40 more hours.... :D Blaze
  12. Digital Overload: I just want to say thanks for taking the time to give me what seems to be the answer to my problem.... This is something that I'm going to have to spend some time on and since the patch for Lock on has finally be released I've been busy trying it out.. You can't blame me for that can you... So I'll have the whole day off on Sunday and I'm going to work on your very clear and precise instructions.... Thanks Again Guy ~S~ Blaze
  13. Dagger: Thanks for getting back to me...... I'm just useing the onboard, I'm not really interested in investing too much into this putter, but I guess if its going to help to reinstall S/F..... Cool I can allways move it to the new system later... :D Initally I did install S/F before with just the onboard and it ran quite well..... After the crash I reinstalled the operating system exactly the way it was originally but S/F wouldn't run and since that time I've added a directx compatable video card with the lastest drivers as well as a larger power supply..... But yes again you're probably right about it being a driver issue, but I'm going to need some direction on how to check these out if possible..... Thanks !!!! Blaze
  14. I tried to get this to happen allday, And I just cant seem to get it right... I have Adaptic CD Burner installed in my system which I think has some issues with Damon.... Well anyway I tried to create an image on my harddrive with Adaptic.... It copied S/F ok but after that the only thing that I could do was copy to a blank CD... I can't access the image on the H/D, and I can't open up Damon tools at all... And of course the copy that I made of S/F just freezes up and it wount let me install just like the original... I tried to run it from the file as well (not the Autorun) but no dice..... <_< Does any one know what I should try next or should I wait for 4 or 5 more months untill I maybe have enough cash to build my next machine..... :( Oh well !!! ~S~ Blaze
  15. Ok I've down loaded Dameon but I'm not sure how to get it to work... Can one of you experts please walk me through this thing one time??? Thanks guys for all of the attention and help that you've provided.... ~S~ Blaze

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