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  1. I'm Backing This One!

    I saw the pit from the back-story on the sim so I knew that it was the tmp but it didn't matter, the shake from the turbulance combined with the ground speed really sold it. I saw the harrier at the end and I notice your fly-bys are more cinematic then most ;) . There was a small camera roll at the end that was a nice touch. The Harrier will probably be the star of the sim but I'm really looking forward for the A-4 and its variants. Ok, I just looked at the site again, I'll be looking forward to all of it! :) Vex
  2. I'm Backing This One!

    Outstanding! I watched the quick movie of the flight model/ grfx engine and its one of the best I've seen. I know that there is a long way to go and the performance will vary as more and more objects come into play, but the look and feel is great! the sense of speed is really there. Will be keeping my eye out for this one. Vex
  3. Kind of hot out here in sunny southern california this aug. Beaches are nice though and the water is a nice 70 degrees. Sharks are the biggest news to the area, large great whites have been visting some of the more popular spots. Not much rain this month. Thanks for asking BP! Vex
  4. Really pro MJ, its one of the best reviews I've seen so far. Just at first glance I like the walk through of all the setups. Have seen some in other reviews but it seems you covered a typical setup and start point. Now I'll set back to the read! Vex
  5. This was the favorite part for me: (a guy writes) - Does this mean we can expect the demo next week or - would it take a little longer. (Carl) Maybe, depends on what the testers find. :) Vex
  6. On the subject, I downloaded the Factory object thinking that its for the range map(?). The strike missons are targeting a warehouse on the map and it does not show up. Is that the "factory" or is there something else wrong with the install of the range map? Thanks Vex
  7. Nice stuff MadJ. Your the source now! As for the request, he forgot to metion the kitchen sink....;) (kidding, just joking, had to say it.) Vex
  8. Uhh... got it. You always feel stupid when the answer is right in front of you! Vex
  9. Muttley I'm with you. I can't figure out were to put the files once there extracted and edited. How does the new edited file over ride the one in the cat?? Vex
  10. Do you if the new graphics engine is GL based and not the DirectX based one that it is now? Vex
  11. Thanks Jeff! Alway can rely on you for the "real" scoop. It was yet another rumor that was getting out of hand. Wait until I start the one about Elvis programed Flanker1.0 :shock: Vex
  12. I don't know about what kind of mobo or ram, (I think a fast 1 gig of ram should be enough), but as for the graphics cards its up to your taste and budget. I just went for the latest ATI just because of the final product is the look and I think that Ati's colors and AA are much better. For pure speed the nvidia stuff will just edge it out a bit but the look is not as good. Again thats just me. 128 vs the 256 models is a money+res that you want use. The more mem on the card = highier res that you can play at. Vex (Am putting together a P4 3 ghz with 2 gig's of ram and a Intel motherboard.)
  13. I've never seen it at like Fry's electronics (west coast) or CompUSA. I bought mine on line from the manufacturer. You might be able to find a better deal online at other stores but I think most are sticking to the same price. Vex
  14. Sorry about that! ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/games/lomac/media/L...Low_MiG-29A.zip

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