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  1. Maybe too many models?

    I personally belive that the team should do whatever is within their means. For all that is said and done this is a majorly ambitious and massive undertaking and I take my hat off to them for what they are attempting. this Genre definitely needs new blood out there. new simulations for us combat sim nuts to get our sweaty hands on. Do what you need to do to maintain realism and maintain game performance. I been following this game a while now and must say this game is looking to be definitely A+ material. do ya thing guys! i await the release.
  2. LP working on fixing 1.04

    sounds sweet played good for me. although ill admit i had some wierd CTD issues when i updated to 1.04 from 1.03 but no biggie. I still enjoy this game major overhaul, and absolutely love the attention this game has been recieving regarding updates, bug fixes in general. Must take my hat off to Lead pursuit.You guys are doing a phenomonal job. you definitely renewed my intereste in FALCOn 4.0. I hope to one day see the FALCON 5.0 come out. (wishing hard wishing hard wishing hard) hehe oh yeah this game is really hard. god definitely an eye opener completely forgot you can get ya butt handed to you real quick in this game lol

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