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  1. hmmm the ground radar always worked so what have they done to fix that??? just curious since i have always had it work for me.
  2. Yes it is but in order for other people to see them they have to have their aircraft folder structured identical to yours. Strike Fighters doesnt transfer skins say like iL2 does (so far who knows down the road). It works a lot like FS2002's aircrafts and skins to where every one who you are flying with must have the same skins in the same named folders and such. For squads its not as big a deal since the CO of the squad can setup a certain aircraft folder structure and skins that each member would jsut haveto download and put in the objects folder.
  3. Nice looking bird. What font you using for the stuff on the side ???
  4. Here they are ready to go into service. The markings on the skin are only there from the game so you can have any markings form the game you want you only have to select the one you want. Dessert Aggressor A4 Desert Tan A4 Head on over to Skunk Works and get 'em why they are hot :D skunkworks.free.fr
  5. wOOt! El Cajon here darkcloud and yes it always nice to see some home boys hanging around.
  6. Hey Gunner what part of SD you in ???

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