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  1. The only thing I dont like about the demo is that I can assign my brake axis on my pedals to brake in the game (wheelbrake) and that there is no way to have left and right wheelbrakes on diffrent buttons :(
  2. Some people seems to have those problems but for most of all it works. Some said that set the graphic on a little bit lower settings put the cockpit back, but anyway I recomend to use the latest driver for you card. About the installer dont install, dunno why it happens, It happen to some guys but not many.
  3. A little note, I removed the bittorrent links for the movies because people mistaken them for the demo.
  4. No paycheck? To bad, you are worth it ;) If you want help to distribute more movies just contact me, send a PM if you want my ICQ or MSN. I don't know how well it works yet but now there is people downloading. Same here, I just try to pay back some. Seen all of your movies and I read this forum alot. I dont like to just take, I want to give also :P. Ofcouse I will not do anything with the movies except watch them and try to help as many people as possible to get them. Thank you for making the movies :).
  5. I got all the videos, its helps if you have a linux box on a 100MBit line (my web for my squad), and then use wget. You will get it and you will get it pretty fast (I downloaded them all at about 60-70). I allready made bittorrent files of all of them. The only bad thing is that I have to use my line at home (only 2,5MBit :() but if many and dont close bitorrent as soon as they are finished the speed will be pretty good anyway. You can find them here: http://smergo.akktustakki.se/~ulf/bitorrent/ You will need to have the bitorrent client installed, and you will find mirrors to download it here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/bittorr...torrent-3.3.exe Just download, install, then press any of the files at http://smergo.akktustakki.se/~ulf/bitorrent/ Im not sure if it will work because im behind my firewall/router, if it doesnt work (remember the bittorent client) then post here and I will try to correct it. MrMudd: If you dont like that I host the bitorrent files then tell me and I will remove them asap.

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