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  1. New book, written by me.

    Hi Gepard, I already own Typen compass Kampfflugzeuge der NVA 1956 -1990. (learned the differences between the various mig21 type's thanks to your book) And I will get your new book fore sure !
  2. This is from the online manual: + Effects Detail Controls the detail level for special effects, such as smoke, fire and explosions. Low: Visual effects are short-lived and don't have much particulate detail. Medium: Particle effects are denser, and visual effects last longer. High: All effects are shown at full detail, and the effects remain onscreen for longer. Unlimited: HDR effects are enabled (on DX10 or higher cards only).
  3. Hello Piecemeal, I am working on a FPS friendly stock desert terrain. Using JSF_Aggie highres desert tiles combined with new created tiles an lod files. A lot of nice maps like Desert4, Rends Germany rework. Make my frame rates drop below 60 FPS (stuttering). That's why I wanted to make a map that looks nice, and runs smooth on modest PC's I also did not like the amount of agriculture in a "desert" terrain and the lack of roads. I am using mostly Third Wire low poly objects to keep everything smooth.
  4. F-5E Early Versions Pack

  5. Yak-38M_85

  6. Mirage5F_DesertCamo

  7. Mirage F-1C200

  8. Mirage F-1C_80

  9. Mirage F-1C_73

  10. F-4E USAF pack


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