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  1. Ace Combart Reach PC 2013

    Oh why would anyone want to take the most accesable ace combat and have it more accecable to people who would not give it a second shot. Because that's how hawx became a compedator as opposed to a joke. Nope
  2. Hawx Modding

    Some more, sorry for the double, but I need help. There are fewer and fewer, and only like one or two people know how to add more than skins.
  3. Holy Sh*t.....

    Did the internet hate machine chime in yet?....yes, oh ok.
  4. 10 Years with Combat Ace

    I know I am still new here, yet I am happier to have known this place was here.
  5. EA won "The Worse Company" award.

    Hey, I'm still a fan of the Command and Conqure games, and at least there games are playable (Looking at Ubisoft AC2)
  6. Please do continue, I may have little sway, but I hope to read more.
  7. Hawx Modding

    Now before I start, I'd like to say I am here to learn, not to fight. Two, I know this is not your cup of tea, but I hope you can see what I did. And third I picked this game up last year for $5 and I think it is good for a $5 pick up. Now I present Hawx modding- I have a little outpost on ModDB, again not the best. I wish to learn from a good flight sim community to make this little thing a lot better. Thank you for your time
  8. Post your videos HERE

    I'd like to post before being chased/laughed out of town.

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